Good season autumn autumn tonic kidney eat like this

Good season autumn autumn tonic kidney eat this autumn is a good time for a lot of autumn tonic, nourishing food, the autumn to the kidney can eat what food? The following Xiaobian take you to see it! Autumn can eat these oh! Good season autumn autumn tonic kidney 1, so eat yam flat, sweet, spleen, lungs, kidney, Yijing, whether or not the kidney Yindeficiency solid and spermatorrhea premature ejaculation, are advised to eat more food. The Tang Dynasty dietetician Meng Shen said: "Lee yam husband, help Yin force." "All herbal medicine" records: "the Japanese yam to help the five internal organs, the main Yijing forgetful." "Materia medica of seeking truth to say:" the Chinese yam, for food, and the sex, but can cure spermatorrhea." If you can cooperate with other kidney tonic foods, such as lotus Gorgon, together with an effect. A good time this autumn autumn tonic kidney eat 2, Gorgon flat, sweet and astringent, can kidney astringent fine, only to vent spleen. Miu Xiyong said "the Ming Dynasty Gorgon tonifying spleen and stomach, the drug also solid essence". "Compendium of Materia Medica" also believes that "tonifying the kidney, cure spermatorrhea gorgon". Many ancient famous prescription for treating spermatorrhea premature ejaculation, such as jade, Jinsuo Gujing pills, and Suodan Erxian Dan and so on, are in the Gorgon, with lotus stamen, keel or Rosa made etc.. "Compendium of Materia retold" experience is: "the Gorgon special Yijing, and seminal kidney, and yam and, for the end of each day, Steamed Rice transfer service." Good season autumn autumn tonic kidney 3, so eat milk has good nourishing yin and tonifying kidney function, not only can effectively moisturize the skin, also can nourish the organs of the body, but also can effectively prevent constipation. Chinese medicine believes that the daily consumption of milk can be effective in the treatment of insomnia, depression, fatigue and migraine situation. Good season autumn autumn tonic kidney 4, so eat red dates fall apart from taking red dates, with the role of the blood, also to Qi, nourishing Yin, moistening the purpose. The best can be boiled together and tremella, lily, yams, better effect of this kidney. Good season autumn autumn tonic kidney 5, so eat eel food how can autumn kidney less eel, this kind of food can not only play a very good tonic effect, also can effectively regulate the body’s blood sugar, very good for health. In addition, there are a lot of eel practices, whether stewed, fried, boiled porridge and so on is a very good choice.相关的主题文章: