Grind drama gradually warming investment worth tens of thousands of Postgraduate

"Grind" drama gradually into thousands of postgraduate worth [Abstract] National Day approaches for the entrance examination (course) army, which means that the review will rise to a higher level, the candidates will be entered into the final stage… National Day approaches for the entrance examination (course) army, which means that the work will be reviewed to rise to a higher level, the candidates will be entered into the final stage. Along with the "released 2017 national graduate admissions policy", once a year of postgraduate drama is gradually warming up. Reporter survey found that Changsha major education and training institutions recently in the enrollment season, businesses targeting the key section for period, launched a series of "intensive" such as PubMed, "VIP class", "Diamond class", some training institutions and even launched a so-called "direct recording reference class, charge hundreds of thousands of dollars, some even up to hundreds of thousands of yuan. The training institutions promised to "direct recording class" free re examination, ensure that students can be admitted to schools. These prices are not cheap, straight record class in the end how to operate? So many people fall over each other to walk on "Graduate School", which go forward with great strength and vigour graduate students force prospects after graduation and how is it? With these questions, the reporter recently visited the investigation. Training courses flooded college students college entrance examination over ten million yuan now want to take part in exams, not only to invest a lot of time and energy, financial input is also essential. Newspaper training classes, the purchase of PubMed reference books and review information, plus other costs, calculate to spend at least tens of thousands." Changsha University of Science and Technology senior Wang Renran told reporters that this year after the end of the summer, she started with preparing for no less money. "When it is the first investment in life, if you can enter your favorite school is worth it. After all, a lot of investment, there will always be a return." Reporters interviewed a number of candidates, mostly in this half a year for the postgraduate entrance examination of more than ten thousand dollars, and the biggest cost is the training course, the cost of most of the report from the parents. In the reporter visited the Changsha University of Science and Technology, Hunan Normal University, Central South University and other tree up to college campus, everywhere postgraduate training of advertising, newspaper columns, reading room, teaching building, dormitory and toilet are close to single advertising. The "100% hit,", "the original proposition group", "Beijing teachers in teaching" is the highest frequency of the training in advertising publicity language. Reporters found that these overwhelming propaganda still played a role. Liu Yang, a senior student from Hunan Normal University, said nearly half of the students in her class were preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. National Day is not ready to go out to travel, I and two other roommates signed up to participate in the strengthening of the political class training, in our college classes, very convenient." When asked to apply for training courses for postgraduate next year how much help, Liu Yang smiled and said: "see around the students reported classes, not afraid to fall behind a psychological comfort, listen to the class with no harm." It is understood that the postgraduate entrance examination courses arranged in a variety of ways, the price has become increasingly aristocratic. Take a graduate school as an example, the agency will be divided.相关的主题文章: