Guangdong mother produced no eye disease children B Ultrasound found no abnormalities in the fetus jiuyaogan

Guangdong mother produce "no eye" part of fetal malformation of the fetus can not find out the eyes of the window is the soul, but also our perception of the outside world is a very important organ. No eyes can not see the beautiful world, life is a lot of inconvenience. But you know what? There are a small number of people because of a rare genetic disease – eye disease, born without eyes. Guangdong mother produced "no eye disease" children don’t find out B ultrasound fetal malformation event review: Women’s birth after the crash a few days before the baby is the eye, from Guangzhou Liu Zengcheng blessed with a son, like other newborn baby, Xiao Ming will often swinging hands and feet, crying loudly, drink milk, defecation everything is normal, but the only difference is unable to open eyes to see family. The family is immersed in the joy of the baby’s arrival. But a closer look, the baby has been tightly closed eyes never opened, after careful examination, doctors found that he had no eyes! The family took the baby to the hospital’s eye examination, the doctor’s answer to make them vulnerable: the child suffering from "no eye disease". The event was reported by major media. Reporter access to information that no eye disease is a rare genetic disease, the incidence rate is very low, with some part of the lack of eye tissue, and some children are completely free of any ocular tissue, this disease is difficult to malformation by ultrasound found in advance. But he also said the aunt, maternal pregnant in October between the timing of pregnancy, and no abnormal results. Health reminder: these 8 kinds of fetal malformation B can not find out that mom and dad want to be able to give birth to a healthy baby, but can not help but worry about is not deformed. Therefore, will choose to do B ultrasound examination in the hospital. But you know what? In some cases, the abnormal child B ultrasound examination. 1 criteria: there are many hydrocephalus or water kidney condition, will produce gradually to the late pregnancy. 2 blind: the fetus in the womb because there is no light stimulation, so as not to open their eyes, so can not be diagnosed with congenital microphthalmos or blind condition. 3 hearing: in the fetus of 5 ~ 6 months, listening has been development, but there is no way to know whether the fetus with congenital deafness problem. 4 congenital heart disease: the atrial septum of the heart (i.e., foramen ovale), arteriovenous catheter, are after birth will be gradually closed, although at birth can be easily diagnosed with heart disease, but not before birth that. 5 gastrointestinal obstruction: gastrointestinal obstruction disease, a very small number will appear before the pregnancy of 24 weeks, because the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy, very little swallow into the amniotic fluid. 6 limb (finger or toe) side exception: like hands and feet varus or valgus, multi finger (toe), and refers to the absence of abnormal conditions or knuckles, also because the fetus is a state, almost no exact diagnosis by ultrasonography. 7 dwarfism: some of the symptoms of dwarfism, can not be diagnosed in the early. Because the fetus in 6 ~ 7 months, it will gradually stop the development of bone growth. 8 congenital metabolic biochemical metabolic disorders: the vast majority of mucopolysaccharidosis, for example, have to wait until the baby was born after eating, the incidence will gradually. It is also a result of a number of fatal biochemical metabolic abnormalities in prenatal.相关的主题文章: