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Haikou, a residential roof, "sky garden" residents suspected of illegal construction of a residential building in Haikou, the roof of the green tree safflower, "scenery is good" residents suspected of illegally built, urban management will be involved in the investigation of     residential building roof of the "sky garden"". "On the roof of the opposite building, the scenery is very beautiful, in many high-rise buildings in a unique style, the scene vegetation flourish, there are flowers and trees, just like a sky garden!" Even Japan, some residents in the city of Haikou West Jinmao marvel, a residential building on the roof, there is a large "sky garden", and the surrounding buildings bare roof in stark contrast, eye-catching, but I do not know whether there are illegally built behavior, I hope the relevant departments to investigate and verify. On the 17 day, the reporter learned from the scene that the building is located in the gold and silver square area. Some residents reflect that the roof "sky garden" is located on the 18 story roof of a residential building in the residential area. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter tried to see the roof, but learned that the roof of the iron door locked, unable to enter. After the near Jinmao plaza area West Gold another high-rise rooftop looking ahead, in the number of high-rise buildings, the building area of the roof of a gold square surrounded by trees, and dotted with red "scenery" have a unique style. 海口一小区楼顶现“空中花园” 居民怀疑存在违建   海口一居民楼楼顶绿树红花“风景独好”   居民怀疑存在违建城管表示将介入调查    居民楼楼顶的“空中花园”。   “对面那栋楼楼顶上风景很漂亮,在诸多高层建筑中别具一格,现场植被茂盛,有花有树,俨然一座空中花园!”连日来,有居民惊叹,在海口市金茂西路一栋居民楼楼顶上,有个大型的“空中花园”,与周围楼群赤裸的楼顶形成鲜明对比,格外醒目,但不知是否存在违建行为,希望有关部门到场调查核实。   17日当天,记者从现场了解到,该栋建筑位于金银广场小区。一些居民反映楼顶“空中花园”就位于该小区一栋居民楼的18层楼顶上。   南国都市报记者当天试图到楼顶查看,但得知该楼顶铁门紧锁,无法进入。而经过金贸西路金银广场小区附近的另一处高楼天台放眼望去,在数栋高楼之中,金银广场小区的这栋楼的楼顶有绿树环绕,还有红花点缀,“风景”别具一格。相关的主题文章: