Happy navigation executives due to 5 dead and injured in Shanghai water jet was blacklisted in the a gigolos

Happy executives for Shanghai water navigable aircraft 5 dead and 5 injured in accidents were listed in the blacklist – Beijing, Beijing, September 18, according to the national civil aviation authority website news, the Commission today by the Civil Aviation Administration of aviation safety, East China Civil Aviation Authority happiness General Aviation Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "happy navigation") deputy general operation and Zhou Hua of division of total flight personnel included in the safety management of civil aviation China dishonesty blacklist proposal. In July 20, 2016, Cessna 208B B-10FW water navigation happy shuttle Shanghai Jinshan to Zhoushan mission, hit Jinshan District City beach pier pier, resulting in 5 deaths and 1 people injured, 4 people were slightly injured. East China civil aviation authority found in the accident investigation, happiness navigation operation vice president and chief pilot Zhou Hua during his tenure in the operation management, training organization, personal experience and other aspects of the existence of dereliction of duty, the qualification does not match, resort to deceit and other acts of dishonesty, harsh nature, serious consequences. According to the "People’s Republic of China production safety law", "civil aviation safety China discreditable behavior management approach" and other relevant provisions, Zhou Hua will he may not serve as the industry’s production and business units or the main responsible person.相关的主题文章: