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Do you want to know the secret to regular home cardio workouts? Do you want more workout inspiration and motivation? I’ve discovered a method that really works. It might not be what you expect. The secret to regular home cardio workouts and workout inspiration is: Choose to PULL, not PUSH. Let me explain. I’ll demonstrate how to choose PULL, not PUSH with an example from my own life. One early Spring weekend I went to my closet to pull on my favorite jean shorts from last Summer. They’re always soooo .fortable AND they look cute on me. I pulled them on but they were skin tight and I could barely button them. That’s not how they fit last summer! Panic started to set in. "I’ve gained weight! I must get back to my home cardio workouts, NOW!" If I use the usual, here’s-what-most-people-do-and-think, PUSH method for workout inspiration, here’s what I start to think: "I cant believe my pants dont fit. I cant believe I am so slack. I hate this." "I’m so mad at myself for getting this way. Damn I know better. Damn, Damn. Damn." "How could I get here after I worked so hard last year? Why am I ALWAYS struggling with this? The out.e from that PUSH (negative, hard on myself) focus when I start to try to do more home cardio workouts is: **My workouts feel hard, forced and difficult. **I trip on the curb, while running, and sprain my ankle . **I try some arm work with my hand weights and I drop one of the weights on my other toe – ouch! **When I try to make healthy meals I feel overwhelmed – and oh, those Cheetos’s in the pantry are calling me. **Where’s my grocery list of healthy stuff I was going to buy? I put it somewhere…now where is it?!?! **Damn, this whole workout inspiration, home cardio workouts idea stinks. I’ll never get back in those shorts! The PUSH mindset is a negative focus and it involves mentally and emotionally beating ourselves up by focusing on and magnifying what is wrong. This mind loop keeps me stuck because it makes action feel hard, forced and difficult. I’m trying to MAKE my self do something. I’m PUSHING myself. Now, here’s what happens when I use my SECRET – when I tap into the PULL mindset, using the PULL method in the same situation: "I cant believe my pants dont fit. Okay, I know I dont like this but I do know that I can do something about this." "I do know that I can decide to do some things differently and that if being thin and fit was easy, everyone would be thin and fit. And everyones not thin and fit." "But I do know that I really do want to be thinner and more fit again." As I begin focusing on what I want, positive thought and emotion momentum begins to build "I have the resources and I have the ability and I have all sorts of home cardio workout support. I just need to change some things, I can do that, and I know Ill see progress." "There have been many other people whove been in this place and they made progress and met their goals and theyre not any different from me." "I can do this. For now Ill put these pants away and out of sight and Ill find something I can put on to feel a little better just for right now." The PULL approach leads to internal feelings of empowerment and possibility. "There ARE style-‘things’ I can do that will make me look and feel a little thinner, until I truly am." "And I know at some point, Ill be in those pants again. But for now Im going focus on feeling a little okay where I stand and Im going to step-by-step make new decisions. Before I know it I believe Ill be where I want to be." "I am in charge of this stuff. I am a good, capable person. I can manage this, I can do this, I have all sorts of resources, I CAN do this. Here’s what happens in the PULL mindset when I start to do more home cardio workouts: **I remember that I have some great home cardio workout music and coaching that I forgot I had. I go for a walk with them on my iPod and I feel great. I even jog a bit. **I like it so much, that I end up doing my home cardio workouts every day that week. **I dig out some of my favorite healthy cookbooks and remember how easy those meals are. I make a grocery list and I throw out the junk food in my pantry. I remember how do-able this is…I feel hopeful. I CAN eat more healthy, more often. **I see an ad for a local fitness boot camp I could do after work. I contact them. They’re starting a new group next week. Wow, my timing is right on. I can do that a couple days a week. Sounds like fun. I feel encouraged. **I’ve started doing some simple things like parking my car a little further out and taking the stairs more at work. I feel proud and inspired by how well I’m doing. **I remember how good water is for energy and for helping me feel full. I take a big jug to work and I drink more. Immediately I can tell how much better I feel during the day and I have more energy when doing home cardio workouts. Yea! **This isn’t so hard after all. I actually feel good and I haven’t even lost any weight yet. I LIKE taking better care of myself! The PULL mindset is a conscious SHIFT to a more positive focus. It includes an acknowledgment around how we feel (which may be negative – like when we gain weight) and then DECIDING to MOVE our focus toward a better feeling viewpoint. As we start to shift our focus we start to feel inspired and PULLED toward positive action. PULL is using positive focus to create more ease and more consistent home cardio workouts. PULL is the opposite of what most people teach and do. PULL is shifting our mood, and I believe that that is the name of the game if you want more inspiration and more consistent workouts. PULL is this ability to embrace where we are and how we feel, and then to TURN our focus toward what we want for the future. PULL is honestly and softly moving ourselves to a new and more positive mental and emotional place, step by step. PULL sounds simple, but its not always easy to do, especially if we’ve gotten on a "rant" about whats wrong using the PUSH, negative, beat myself up, method. PULL is an attempt to try to lighten up our mindset and to stop being so hard on ourselves. PULL is a focus on appreciating whats right and what’s possible. PULL is focusing on what you can control right now – which is your focus and your mood. PULL is realizing that you can’t change EVERYTHING immediately, but you can alter your mood. And in when you do that, momentum builds and solutions are more readily available to you to help you get where you want to go (and into your favorite jean shorts) with greater ease! "You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created." — Albert Einstein Every shift in mood, however slight, moves you closer to the life you envision and to answers to every challenge you are facing. Shifting your mood, using the PULL method, gets you out of the problem so you can see new solutions. "Being happy is the cornerstone of all that you are! Nothing is more important than that you feel good! And you have absolute and utter control about that because you can choose the thought that makes you worry or the thought that makes you happy; the things that thrill you, or the things that worry you. You have that choice in every moment " — Abraham-Hicks So what’s the secret to more home cardio workouts and more workout inspiration? PULL, baby, PULL. 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