How Important Is Checklist While Taking A House On Rent-nlite

Real-Estate Whenever we buy, sell or rent a property or move from one place to another, it always pays to be organized. A checklist refers to a simple list of items to be checked or consulted before you engage in any significant task. Sometimes, it becomes imperative for people (corporate, working professionals) to move from one place to another to various personal and professional reasons. During such circumstances, asking yourself few basic questions about the kind of property, you are on prowl of and keeping handy a checklist of needs and preferences; can help you find a suitable property. Your checklist can vary depending on whether you are looking for an independent house, flat, apartment building or just a room. Here are few basic guidelines to rent a house which can keep you out of trouble. Location: Carefully inspect, ask questions about the facilities located nearby. Be thorough about the distance of location for your work place, childrens school, hospital. Make sure the place has sufficient parking space, check for noise levels. Rent: When viewing the house, ask the landlord the cost of the rent/month to be sure that it meets your financial needs. Landlords may require you to pay a months rent in advance as well as a security deposit and cleaning deposit. Ask the landlord the total cost to move into the house along with the amount that is returned to you when you leave the unit. Utilities: Utilities such as electricity, heat and water may be included in the rent. You should find out the type of heating system used to help determine the cost of utility bills. The landlord may know the average cost to heat the apartment in the winter or cool it during the hotter months. Ask the landlord the average cost for utilities in the apartment to make sure that you can afford your monthly payments. Measure size of room: Some builder or developer divert from sanction planned resulting reduction in size of room and bathroom. Ensure that all rooms are provided enough space by Measure hall, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom sizes. Damage: Each room should be on the checklist as you tour the apartment. Note any damage in the room on the list and ensure the landlord is aware of it and that she notes it in her records. Take pictures of the damage to include in the checklist and notes. Check switches and plug-points: Make sure that all the sockets, plugs, bulb holder are connected to mail supply. Also check if main fuse in the house is controlling complete current supply. If you have an inverter, ensure the supply shift to the inverter if the main switch is switched off. Check if all switches and plug-points are working. Check if the extra electrical sockets/switches you had asked for are provided as per requirement. Safety measures: Ensure that your building is constructed according to safety rules provided by fire department and National building code. Check if your gas leak detector is working by burning a piece of paper and allowing the smoke to fill the kitchen. Lease Agreement: The terms of the lease agreement should be most important item on the checklist. Landlords may prefer a month to month tenancy, which does not require a lease, or a 11 months lease, which locks you in for an entire year. The lease should also state the amount of notice required to move and rules for the building. The type of lease is a matter of preference but it is important to consider when renting an apartment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: