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Depression Tonight, you"re going to bed and wish for your self to have nice dreams. But the nice dream may be yes, may be no to appear in your sleep. It"s not surprised when a nightmare .e to your dream even though you never ever think about it. Then, that"s the reason why you should have a method to control your dream, because it"s really important to you anh to all of us. I will show you "How to Lucid Dream Tonight". Lucid dreaming is the ability to be.e aware that you are awake while you are still within your dream. It is an experience like no other. The ability to have a lucid dream can be taught. It .es naturally to some people while others have to work at it. In other words, Lucid dreaming is awareness of the fact that you are dreaming. This awareness can range from very faint recognition of the fact to something as momentous as a broadening of awareness beyond what has ever been experienced even in waking life. What a dreamer does with lucidity reflects personal tendencies and levels of skill attained usually through experience and practice. Although a lucid dreamer can influence the dream’s structure, characters, course, etc., it is not a given that a lucid dream is about what the dreamer wants it to be about. Seasoned lucid dreamers who are more often lucid than not will continue to encounter psychological and developmental challenges in the dreamscape. The agreeable and the distressing, the easy and difficult, beautiful and horrifying, are all occasioned much as they are in regular dreaming. But whereas a regular dream is filled with the convoluted subtleties of the subconscious mind enumerating its issues before a largely unconscious dreamer, a lucid dreamer has the opportunity to consciously explore at any level. Lucid dreams usually occur while a person is in the middle of a regular dream and suddenly realizes that he or she is dreaming. The person is then said to be "lucid", and may enter one of many levels of lucidity. Learning "How to Lucid Dream Tonight" will help you to be.e a "lucid dreamer" at highest level, where you are fully aware that you are asleep, and can have .plete control over your actions in the dream. Lucid dreaming not only can help you to get an exhilarating journey in dreams, but also help you to understand more about yourself by exploring the realm of your subconscious mind. You totally can control your dreams without asking yourself "How to Lucid Dream Tonight". About the Author: 相关的主题文章: