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Internet-and-Business-Online Blogging has be.e something of an internet phenomenon over the last couple of years, something akin to the way YouTube has been able to do so. The actual term is web-log, which was abbreviated to blog soon after the concept first came out. The reason why blogging became so popular was because it allowed people from all over the world to air their opinions and thoughts without having to censure stuff; after all, the internet is the home of free speech. In the case anyone missed the point, a blog is like a diary but one that anyone can see and read. Most people be.e very interested in blogging once they find out how simple it is and the main question afterwards is how to start a blog. Fortunately that is just as easy as writing one and you don’t have to be an IT expert to be able to do so. the very basic .puter knowledge will more than suffice. The good thing is that there are numerous websites available on the internet that offer people everywhere a blogging service that is .pletely free of cost. For first time bloggers, this is usually a much better option than having to host a new blog themselves. Because there is no charge for hosting blogs on free blogging websites, people have a totally free rein to run their blogs as they like. Because so many others use these free blogging websites, new bloggers often get the chance to gather a good following. Once people get .fortably settled into how the blogging world works, then it is definitely re.mended that they try to get their very own host blog. Because you will already have knowledge of how to start a blog, things shouldn’t be too hard. The main advantage of hosting your own blog is that you can get a personalised domain name. Of course hosting your own blog means that you do have to pay a monthly or annual fee, depending on how long you want to continue with your blogging. However buying your own domain name is hardly very costly. In fact you can buy it for as little as less than $35 for the entire year. That means you are paying something like $0.1 per day for incredible flexibility to write down whatever you want and get your ideas across in seconds to a global audience that may number in the millions. Once you get your domain name, then you need to get a web host for your blog. When you have achieved that, the fun part of how to start a blog .es which is setting up the layout and style of your blogging webpage. You will also need to adjust your settings as to whether you want your blog to be one that is private or totally public. Therefore the question of how to start a blog is one that is simply answered and the process can take just minutes to set up and get done. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: