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"Huang Cun machine" release "ghost" Kara Hui led horror story – entertainment machine "Sohu" Huang Cun Yan demon poster Sohu entertainment thriller "Huang Cun machine" has today (September 9th) National release. The film directed by Lu Shiyu and produced by Wei Zhaohong, producer Liu Fuling et al featuring strength creative by Kara Hui, starring Cai Juntao, Jia Lin, Tang Guozhong, Chen Yuan ER and other cutting-edge co starring actor. The movie "Huang Cun machine" starring Kara Hui, the mainland Hongkong strength play bone niche strength led by Cai Juntao, Jia Lin, Guo Zhong, Chen Yuan Er Tang and other cutting-edge star co stars, the film tells the story of Cai Juntao’s book editor from Yi in a motorcycle than riding activities with teammates and confusion, was a little girl in red guide to a strange Dark Dawn house, where he met Kara Hui’s old woman, through all sorts of soul and flesh after the torture, a series of horror story full of soul. Director Lu Shiyu said in an interview, "Huang Cun machine" is a faithful "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" "Soushenji" "ghost" and other ancient with a new adaptation, writing the story inspired by real life, hope that through alternating time and space satisfying the audience’s visual and psychological double viewing experience, hoping to bring some more about human nature, values of the audience to think about." The film "Huang Cun machine" fusion of many elements of horror, ghost night, son dead town, flirtatious fox curse nursery rhymes, fierce between deception and other terrorist elements.相关的主题文章: