In the UL City Theater strong in Chongqing p& t Putai square, the Chongqing people and has a new whereisip

In the UL City Theater strong in Chongqing P& T Putai square, the Chongqing people and has a new play. Yesterday afternoon, Xiao Bian attended the film UL City Cinema settled P& T Putai Square Conference, in Chongqing P& T square China Putai imported food city two floor for success. Conference, deputy general manager of Chongqing bonded port development and management company Wang Duanping; Chongqing Baodi industrial development limited company chairman, former deputy general manager Yu Sheng; Center City, UL film cinema expansion Shi Feng; film theater director UL city to expand investment in UL City, Bao Liangdi; Liu Mengya; film theater director, UL city cinema the designer, Wu Haiquan; Thailand (Hongkong) executive director of Southwest Zhang Zhiguo group; Putai (Hongkong) general manager of Chongqing company in Zongtao, were to come to the scene; 17 media attended the report. Conference Center in UL City Theater Development Deputy General Manager Shi Feng announced in the UL City theater and Chongqing P& T square Putai to achieve cooperation, work together to create a film set in the southwestern region of the first member of the admittance system of cinema, building area of 10000 square meters, with the most comfortable chair, setting the most intimate, the most suitable person hall the viewing space, the most happy interactive experience. The film is located in the country’s second largest free trade zone in the P& T Thailand Plaza, not only is the value of P& T Putai Plaza is located in two rivers area and Cuntan bonded port city traffic air superiority, it is to see P& T Putai Plaza is located in Chongqing FTA core areas, and as the bonded port the only large-scale one-stop life the city, with its forward-looking "vitality" positioning, create fun, sea purchase, the "three core activities, around a large theme park of new creative interactive fusion IP industry, combined with the complete category of imported goods, the main retail and leisure industries in fine dining atmosphere, showing a new experience to play the shopping center with the purchase, the introduction of urban commercial innovation new theme experience mode. China Film Group is China, only has the right to import the film company, and is the largest film company China. The film UL City Cinema settled P& T for movie lovers Putai square, southwest brought membership new viewing experience: imported projection equipment, completely solve the previous 3D film dark defects, watch 3D movies as a real visual enjoyment; five star theater building, 1:6 seat pitch, can ensure each seat theater can lie flat viewing; full metal screen with huge high standard 7.1 channel stereo sound system, show strong visual effect, let the audience have feel personally on the scene. The future of the Chongqing P& T square in UL city; poutet theater will become propaganda films, the star will meet, to visit the new film release. Chongqing P& T square Putai strength, CFGC superiority strong, the hand is bound to win.相关的主题文章: