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Inventory of black Americans were killed by the police – Sohu news U.S. police shot black man Keith (Keith Scott) law enforcement scene video. Oriental IC map according to the CNN (CNN) reported on September 25th, the Sherlock police has released after police on black man Keith? Scott (Keith Scott) and law enforcement shootings caused the death of the video images and photographs. Sherlock City Police Commissioner Kerr (Kerr Putney)? Putney said the shooting incident triggered protests had already lasted five days, and triggered a nationwide media attention, the police shooting of a civilian death topic once again become the focus of america. U.S. media survey: black citizens were killed more than 2 times the rate of white people, however, this is not the first time in recent years, the United States because of police shootings of black civilians caused by large-scale riots. According to the United States today website on 2014 statistics, the United States each year at least 400 innocent citizens died in the police’s muzzle, and this figure in the past two years has improved. From the August 2014 Ferguson case, the United States, the Washington Post began to independently count the number of police shot dead every year. According to its statistics, since 2016, the United States has 708 civilians died in the police muzzle, the United States in all 50 states have occurred in such cases. In the first half of this year, the number of deaths increased by 6% compared to last year. In 2015, a total of 990 civilians were killed. Among them, 494 white people, African American citizens of the United States, taking into account the composition of the United States, black citizens were killed by the white population of citizens of the 2.5 times the rate of 258. In the last year, the 990 involved in the shooting of the police, only 1/5 of the last published name and identity. "Washington Post" in the report in the analysis that black citizens become the most vulnerable to the police shot the crowd, which is difficult to exclude the factor of racial discrimination, in the case of only one shot can be part of most media reported. Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) prior to July’s report cited the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) secretary James? Comi (James Comey) said, "Statistics" and "the guardian" Washington Post are unfounded, he also denied the "2015 Washington Post" statistical data of death. But BBC also said in the report, the United States announced the annual number of police officers shot dead is widely believed to be unreliable.相关的主题文章: