Involved in sterling Offshore RMB hit a nine month

Involved in sterling? Offshore RMB hit a nine month low, while the pound fell, offshore RMB market has also been implicated. Offshore RMB (CNH) fell below 6.7 yesterday against the dollar, fell to 6.7182 in early trading today, a 9 month low, down 100 points yesterday, down 0.14%. During the early trading period, the pound and the dollar suddenly collapsed, and some traders showed a decline of more than 10%. The flash crash also affected other markets in the Asian session, the S & P 500 futures edged down 0.2%, most Asian stock markets. Due to the recently announced U.S. services PMI hit a new high this year, and the market is expected to announce on Friday the U.S. employment data may be ideal, increase the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates during the year, Fed officials also released a hawkish speech, superposition of the sharp fall in sterling pulling, the dollar index Rose 1% to two, was ascribed to 97 points at the top. The euro and the yen were down, taking advantage of the RMB adjustment, but the adjustment is small compared with other currencies. Due to the mainland National Day holiday is not open, CNH and CNY difference in early trading expanded to about 430 points, to 4 months high. However, some analysts believe that China’s basic economic level remains normal, August exports, retail, industrial production rebounded, showing economic stability to the good. The rate of decline in foreign exchange reserves has not been significantly accelerated, which can support the RMB exchange rate. Even though CNH briefly falls below 6.7, it doesn’t deviate too far. Safe data show a China Friday morning at the end of 9 foreign exchange reserves fell $18 billion 800 million, to 3 trillion and 166 billion 380 million, for the three consecutive month of decline, fell to its lowest level in nearly 5 years. Hongkong, "Wen Wei Po" HSBC quoted foreign exchange analyst Wang Ju said that in September foreign reserves change still depends on the dollar, if the dollar index fell to the valuation has a positive role in boosting the hedge to cope with the outflow of capital consumed by foreign exchange reserves. RMB trading news included, Reuters quoted the International Monetary Fund (IMF) deputy director of the Asia Pacific Department Markus Rodlauer said on Thursday that China toward the implementation of the floating exchange rate system can continue to progress, and will not bring significant interference on the exchange rate of rmb. Rodlauer said in a press conference, Chinese authorities in the past to guide the exchange rate mechanism from hard pegged to the dollar, while avoiding speculative bubbles is a skill "". When asked whether he expects the renminbi devaluation again, he said: "the future of the RMB exchange rate will fluctuate, but I think it should be expected, they will successfully complete the transition gradually, but does not have that kind of shock you said." More exciting content, welcome to pay attention to WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

被英镑牵连?离岸人民币创九个月新低在英镑闪跌的同时,离岸人民币市场也被牵连。离岸人民币(CNH)继昨日兑美元跌破6.7后,今日早盘一度跌至6.7182,创下9个月新低,较昨日再跌100点,跌幅0.14%。早盘期间英镑兑美元突然出现闪崩,部分交易商报价显示跌幅超过10%。英镑的闪崩也影响到了亚洲时段其他市场的表现,标普500期货微跌0.2%,大部分亚洲股市走低。由于刚公布的美国服务业PMI创下年内新高,而市场预期周五公布的美国就业资料可能较理想,增加美联储年内加息机会,美联储官员又释放鹰派言论,叠加英镑暴跌的拉动,美元指数两日来大涨1%一度冲高至97点上方,欧元、日元均有回落,人民币趁势调整,但与其他货币相比调整幅度较小。由于内地国庆大假未开市,CNH与CNY汇差早盘一度扩至约430点,至4个月高点。不过,有分析认为中国基本经济面保持正常,8月份出口丶零售、工业生产均有反弹,显示经济稳中向好。外汇储备下跌速度并未明显加快,可对人民币汇率有支撑。即使CNH短暂跌破6.7,但不会偏离太远。周五早间外管局数据显示中国9月末外汇储备环比下降188亿美元,降至31663.8亿美,为连续三个月下降,跌至近5年来最低水平。香港《文汇报》引述汇丰外汇分析师王菊表示,9 月份外储变动仍取决于美元表现,若美元指数收低会给外储估值带来正面提振作用,对冲为应对资金外流所消耗的外汇存底。人民币早盘消息还包括,路透援引国际货币基金组织(IMF)亚太部门副主任Markus Rodlauer周四表示,中国可以继续向着实施浮动汇率制取得进展,而不会对人民币汇率带来重大干扰。Rodlauer在记者会上称,中国当局过去在引导汇率机制脱离对美元的硬挂钩,同时避免投机泡沫方面十分“有技巧”。在被问及他是否预期人民币会再次大幅贬值时,他答道:“人民币汇率未来肯定还会出现波动,但我认为应该预期,他们会成功地逐步完成过渡,而不会出现你所说的那种震荡。”更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: