It takes 26.09 seconds to walk 50 meters on an inverted

50 meters on the handstand walk, 26.09 seconds Zhang Shuang show Guinness certificate. Inverted walk 50 metres in 26.09 seconds early autumn rain, Xihua University Stadium, senior Zhang Shuang is walk upside down, knees holding a volleyball, a brother in the side of the applause. He was the fastest man in the world with a 50 meter foot grip, only 26.09 seconds. It’s hard for ordinary people to connect handstand with dream. How did Zhang Shuang do it? Zhang Shuang, a native of Nanchong, Pengan, liked sports from childhood. Grade 1 participated in the school sports meet, took the first grade in the 50 meter race. "At the beginning, every afternoon after school at the school track team high school seniors in the training run, my heart is very urticant, also want to go to school, track and field coach thought I was joking, but then I did not agree to impress him. In this way, I officially started my career in sports." In junior high school, Zhang Shuang entered the school track and field team, became the only junior high school students. In junior high school, Zhang Shuang can stand upside down, feet on the wall to do more than 20 push ups. When adjusting the state of college entrance examination, Zhang Shuang accidentally saw a sentence on the Internet: upside down for five minutes, equivalent to two hours sleep. Nanchong District high school teaching building a piece of open space, the papers do tired, Zhang Shuang was on the ground upside down, can go on the four or five step. After every handstand, I feel a lot better, and put into the tight review of the college entrance examination. After graduating from high school, Zhang Shuang was admitted to Physical Education College of Xihua normal university. The inverted dream he came up in 2013 from the year at, CCTV held the Guinness Chinese night for Zhang Shuang’s dream into power, then 37 year old Huang Zhongyu challenge to walk on the 100 meters world record failed, prompting Zhang Shuang to his warm afternoon. "Can I walk 100 meters on my handstand?"" There are some basic inverted Zhang Shuang constantly pressed to yourself. He was around teacher and friends say their inverted dream, most people did not quench, more than two years of professional training, it is impossible to walk that far! The question is where to go for professional training?" Zhang Shuang, who never admit defeat, practiced on his own. Without help, he fell many times and injured many joints. In his sophomore elective course, he met Wang Wu, a teacher who taught weightlifting." After third lessons, Zhang Shuang told him about his handstand dream, and he performed Handstand on the spot, more than 50 meters, took seventy or eighty seconds. "It’s amazing. It’s amazing!" Wang Wu was shocked. He pulled Zhang Shuang aside, pulled out paper and pen, and talked for more than two hours, and established his handstand training program.

 倒立行走50米用了26.09秒 张爽展示吉尼斯证书。   倒立行走50米用了26.09秒   初秋,小雨,西华师大体育场上,大四学生张爽正在倒立行走,膝盖处夹着一个排球,师兄师弟在一旁为其喝彩。他就是世界上50米双脚夹球倒立行走速度最快的人,只用时26.09秒。   平常人很难将倒立与梦想联系到一起。张爽是怎么做到的呢?   张爽,南充蓬安人,从小喜欢体育。小学一年级参加校运动会50米比赛拿了年级第一。“初一时,每天下午放学看着学校田径队里高二、高三的学长们在训练跑步,我心里就很痒,也很想去,校田径队教练以为我是说着玩儿的,开始没同意,但后来我的坚持打动了他。就这样,我正式开始了我的体育生涯。”初中时,张爽进入校田径队,成为队里唯一的初中生。   初中时,张爽就能倒立着,双脚搭在墙上做20多个俯卧撑。调整高考状态时,张爽偶然在网上看到的一句话:倒立五分钟,相当于睡眠两小时。南充高中新区教学楼后有一块空地,卷子做累了,张爽就在空地上倒立,能走上四五步。每次倒立后,感觉精神好多了,又投入紧张的高考复习。高中毕业,张爽如愿考入西华师大体育学院。   倒立梦想他从讥讽中走来   2013年上大学那年,中央电视台举办的吉尼斯中国之夜为张爽的梦想注入动力,当时37岁的黄忠余挑战倒立行走100米的世界纪录未能成功,这激起了张爽向自己下战书的热情。   “我能倒立行走100米吗?”有一定倒立基础的张爽不断地逼问自己。当时他向身边的老师和好友说了自己的倒立梦想,大多人冷眼相待,“没有两年以上的专业训练,是不可能走那么远的!问题是去哪儿专业训练呢?”从不服输的张爽就自个儿练习,没有任何人帮助,他无数次摔倒,身上多处关节受伤。   大二选修课上,他遇到了教举重的王武老师,“王老师开朗,热情可亲。”上完第三次课后,张爽就把自己倒立的梦想告诉他了,并且现场表演倒立,50多米,花了七八十秒。“太神奇了,太不可思议!”王武惊呆了,把张爽拉到一边,掏出纸和笔,聊了两个多小时,确立了倒立训练计划。相关的主题文章: