Lake Baikal pearl tourism Sohu seaway

Lake Baikal pearl tourism Sohu today’s weather is very good, who can walk the tourist attractions in the city just pumping time can go under clear skies and better from nature to our natural scene together for good. I do not say we all know, the nature for the best landscape here is Lake Baikal, and I have to face today is only the end of September each year to see the unique colorful scenery of Lake Baikal. An hour later, an old Soviet car stopped in a small town in Listvyanka, known as the Lake Baikal gate. Go under the old Soviet car, the eye is Lake Baikal, the clear blue of the lake in the sun reflecting dazzling light. Here the only town along the highway Gorky road was built, the side of the road is open side of Lake Baikal, is located on the hillside above the colorful cabin, God like the cabin at a riot of colours in the lake on the hillside, with colorful autumn leaves, blue lake and the sky, as if God is the town of Listvyanka bestow a gift here, not deliberately artificial town. Can imagine, if the winter here in the snow snow color world, all bright colors on the cabin sat Snow gleams white. hillside alive like a smart wizard alive throughout the world scenery of fresh snow. Small town, the town is only about 2000 of the population, mostly live part-time local fishermen. A small hotel built along the road there are many rich local characteristics are lined up, each one color, each one style. A company called "Dream Hotel Baikal" just to attract my attention, and not us Russian levels are good, but the hotel is directly Chinese marked with his name. The three floor of the hotel is very delicate, a cup of Russian Black Tea in his room on the balcony, let the sky in the sunlight coming with the body, through the high definition of the Lake Baikal air, the vast Lake Baikal scenery will be unfiltered directly into your field of vision, let you not resist into this pair of original ecology 3D beauty. In the hills, the lake and the sky natural picture, you will find yourself like the trees on the hill, the clouds, the boat on the lake, imperceptibly have been placed in the painting, the white clouds is so real pressure in your head, the cool wind on the lake so truly touched your cheek. With the wet grass flavor air is really into your nose. You say how much money one day to live in this hotel? Why do you have to be 2000 a night? 2000? That is the off-season, how to get 4000! And still have to get the! In fact, I really do not know the specific price, but will have the opportunity to see the Baikal blue ice, really want to experience a return to the snow under the Lake Baikal scenery in this hotel. Go to the other side of the road is the vast expanse of the Gorky Lake Baikal, Lakeside Park has as a cruise boats, the shore is built up of the platoon barrack, sitting inside can taste to buy barbecue lake fish, can also be相关的主题文章: