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Best driver Vista Pam: against Lewis feel the young driver Vista Pam F1 was selected as the Japanese station "today the best driver of sina sports most young F1 driver Vista Pam has again produced a convincing performance, he at Suzuka third hair car finished second, successfully broke the rule of Mei ben. After the game, Vista Pam was selected as the race fans’ best driver". Vista Pam said: "the competition I met a lot of traffic, fortunately saved some of my tires for the final stage of the game." It is to benefit from the savings of the tires, Vista Pam in the last few laps of the race successfully withstood the madness of the attack on Hamilton, to keep the runner up. "I think our strategy is pretty good in general, and we can keep a positive attitude towards this. Finally, we bring back the runner up, thank you very much for the efforts of the team." Of course, Lewis’s advance is very powerful, we launched a fight in a corner, but I am very happy to be able to get the runner up." A list of the 2016 season, "the daily best driver Award: Australia – Romain Grosjean (P6) Bahrain – Romain Grosjean (P5) Chinese – Daniel – Covey Yate (P3) Russia – Kevin – Magnuson (P7) – Spain – Marx Vista Pam (P1) Monaco – Sergio – Perez (P3 Canada) – Marx – Vista Pam (P4 Azerbaijan) – Sergio Perez (P3) – Austria – Marx – Vista Pam (P2) British – Marx – Vista Pam (P2) – Hungary Kimi Raikkonen (P6) – Germany – Daniel Ricardo (P2) – Lewis Hamilton – Belgium (P3) Italy – Nico Rosberg (P1 Singapore – Sebastian) Dean Vitel (P5 Malaysia) – Marx Vista Pam (P2) – Japan – Marx – Vista Pam (P2) (Sina racing Swift)相关的主题文章: