Liang Zhenying said it plans to join the organ donation scheme

Liang Zhenying said the program is expected to join the people of Hong Kong to organ donation registration – Beijing [Global Times correspondent in Hongkong blue] Hongkong every day there are more than 2000 patients and their families waiting for organ donation. Hongkong chief executive Liang Zhenying 17 at noon on Facebook to "human" on organ donation, Yiai issued a document that 4 years ago he joined the organ donation program, often encourage my colleagues to participate in the Hong Kong people can expect, the spirit of "all for one, one for all" the spirit of love, to register. Liang Zhenying also mentioned that during the Mid Autumn Festival came in organ donation news, "five died of organ donation, parting, more than and 10 for patients waiting for salvation, worthy of praise". Similar to the mainland, Hongkong people’s concerns about organ donation, but also often from the organ donation will not be contrary to the traditional concept of funeral. In April this year, the government set up an organ donation promotion committee to invite non-governmental organizations, institutions, community residents and media to participate in the public awareness of organ donation. Statistics show that as of March 2014, Hongkong total of more than 140 thousand people behind voluntary organ donation registration, the proportion accounted for about 2% of Hongkong’s 7 million population; and now in the Department of health of the organ donation register, registration number has exceeded 200 thousand. Analysts believe that this is very transparent and equitable organ donation transplant distribution system in Hongkong closely. In Hongkong, all the bodies of organ donation will go to the Central Committee under the jurisdiction of the transplantation of unified distribution, only public hospitals are eligible for organ transplants, and all public hospitals for organ transplant patients is implementing free medical care.相关的主题文章: