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The original Lining CEO Zhang Zhiyong as president of Liu Jianhong music as sports co president of Phoenix Technology News News September 12th, LETV sports announced that former Li Ning Co CEO Zhang Zhiyong has officially joined the music as sports, as president, in charge of equipment department, to the music as sports founder and CEO Lei Zhen sword report. On the same day, the music as the center for the upgrading of media content for the media division, the former chief content officer Liu Jianhong served as co president, in charge of the media division, reported to the thunder. This is the music as sports in the completion of the B round of financing, the most important organization appointments and adjustments. This adjustment shows that music as a further escalation of ecological strategy. Music as sports founder and CEO Lei Zhenjian said: "if the ‘event + content + smart + Internet application" is the 1 version of the music as sports, then the pattern of the new media division and equipment division leading represents music as sports 2 times. In the new stage of development, we will focus on three directions: one is the production and research driven, truly solve the pain points of the Internet plus sports products for users; two is the fine operation, bring more extreme products for the user experience; three is the sports consumption, layout and accelerate the development of the sports equipment, sports sports consumption in the field of electricity supplier etc.." Zhang Zhiyong worked for 22 years, served as Li Ning Co, CEO, led the company to achieve business spanning from 700 million to 9 billion 500 million, to build China’s largest sporting goods company. In 2014, Zhang Zhiyong opened Internet plus sports road of entrepreneurship, set up sports equipment brand will take. After joining the music as sports, Zhang Zhiyong in charge of the music as sports equipment division, including the original intelligence, sports and other business electricity supplier, the future, will also be in the appropriate timing of other related businesses. For Zhang Zhiyong to join the music as sports founder and CEO Lei Zhenjian said: "Zhi Yong is my very distinguished predecessors, his management philosophy and the Internet plus sports trend judgment, I very much agree. Chinese sporting goods industry, can be said to be China sports industry in the first comprehensive market competition in the field, I believe that Zhi Yong’s experience and explore the future development of sports equipment, as the cause of the most precious wealth." Liu Jianhong in August 2014 to join the music as sports, as chief content officer led the music as sports content center. In the future by content center upgrade into media division, will be responsible for the comprehensive promotion of music as sports media production capabilities, live ability, operation ability and generalization ability, and realize the user flow, and music as sports user operations center and other departments to achieve synergy revenue per user goals, and Ecological Marketing Center and other departments together to achieve advertising revenue target. Liu Jianhong served as music sports co president, in charge of the media division, and at the same time in charge of lottery business and ticketing business.相关的主题文章: