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How To Write An Interesting Book Review Posted By: Anna Smith Writing a book review and making it interesting to read – are not the same thing. There are numerous book reviews available online, but very few draw reader’s attention. If you want to make your review an attention grabber, then you must follow certain rule of the thumb. Select An Interesting Book You must select a book of your choice, to write a review. Until and unless you are really enjoying the book, you will not be able to go into the details of the characters or the plot and so the review will not come out to be a proper one. However, when you chose a book of your interest, you would feel attracted to the book and it will be much easier to configure the characters or the story-line. Read the Book Thoroughly Do not start writing the book review just after reading the introduction or the back cover of the book. That is never the correct way of doing things. You might learn about the plot or the main characters by going through the other reviews available over the internet. But then it will be just the information.

Book Review Dissertation Writing Is One Of The Most Important Components For A Higher Degree Posted By: Rahul Mishra

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