Liu Yan for the first time to respond to confession said the fascination with the dream lover Tony L homefront

Liu Yan said: for the first time in response to advertising obsessed with dream lover Tony Leung Liu iwayanagi rock Liu Yan Sina entertainment news in Liu Yan [micro-blog] birthday, perfect love is like Confidante news, for a time in the society passed raise a Babel of criticism of. Many people speculated that her birthday wish would be associated with the advertisement event, in a recent interview, Liu Yan joke is red, do not believe that the birthday wishes!" The recent scene of the night, she also said that night to avoid arousing suspicion, with mobile phone communication. The first talk show is feeling   infatuation dream lover Tony Leung [micro-blog] in Liu Yan’s birthday, the mysterious flying balloons for her "Confessions" in many places, others envy. For such an intimate move, single for many years Liu Yan feel very romantic. Talk about life will look so boys with romantic way to his confession, Liu Yan shook his head and refused to say "too much", replied: "I can’t stand the shock, you take a balloon, no face, I think it’s romantic. But I really get a face and I’m scared!" In the process of filming, Liu Yan put on four different ancient shapes. By virtue of her superior appearance conditions, as well as efforts to raise the attitude of the fight, deserved to become the eyes of the perfect beauty". This is also for the endorsement of the 3D epic fantasy ARPG page Tour "perfect beauty" into a variety of styles of clothing, can not help but make a person’s eyes, her appearance is definitely a lot of people in the hearts of the ideal lover. For his dream lover Tony Leung, said Liu Yan is still very infatuated. With Tony Leung on the show, Liu Yan eyes will always see, even the rest of the time is not willing to miss, but smiled and said: "his second frame every act and every move, are not willing to miss out, hear Tony Leung, will go to see." But not wishing desperately Niang birthday night not to play with mobile phone to solve Liu Yan because of the tight schedule, she has six consecutive years in the work blew out the candles by netizens as "desperately niang". On the same day, the organizers also close for the birthday cake. But asked her birthday wish, Liu Yan replied: "unexpectedly could not have believed it would make a wish, wish good health and the like, before might hope to be red, but now red, do not believe that this kind of thing wish." For the recent hot actor night drama events, Liu Yan said he would solve the problem by cell phone: I think now chat software is developed, that is, video, voice, ah, can be solved. I have never said I want to play in the evening, I would also like to choose and director of the good script, the actors and actors in the day to play, the basic can be." (commissioning editor: banana)相关的主题文章: