Lotto 16126th forecast period two district covering Sohu

Lotto 16126th forecast period: two district covering a period of Sohu – lottery prize number out of 0607082830 + 0102, and the value of open area before the 79, three, out of a group, issued after the combination. Comprehensive analysis of 2016126 big lottery recommended: recent forecast values were distributed out of the 6-4-6-6-3, a range of recent values were smaller, 126 values were optimistic about the large number 5 or 6 actively covering. 012 Road: the last phase of the ratio of the 012 way in turn out 1:2:2, 2:2:1, the smaller changes in the number of small, combined with the data analysis of the same period of history, the next phase of the first 16126 priority to increase the temperature of the road code 2. In the analysis of complex vibration: on a number of lottery area before the continuous distribution as the ratio of 0:0:5, the last five stage complex code at low frequency, a new period should pay attention to, at the same time covering complex code segment. Average tip: the five phase of the average value of 10-12-15-19-16, the mean maximum amplitude of 4 points, the minimum amplitude of only about 2 points, it is recommended that the next phase continues to focus on the average performance of 14-19 points. Interval ratio: in front of a period out of the 3:0:2 ratio, second award number interval encounter bye, combined with the trend of number 30 period, substantially covering the next 16126 period award number may two.相关的主题文章: