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The wife of Martha in New York May Day bombing thrilling escape – Sohu   entertainment; Martha wife Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Manhattan Street 17 on the evening of 1 explosions occurred, up to 29 people injured, the police have been dispatched investigation team explosion. While the May day bassist Martha [micro-blog] wife Vicky is also in New York, away from the scene of the explosion near her frightened, because the first 1 hours after the incident occurred, quite dangerous. In New York Vicky, the location of the event is a place away from her 15 minutes later, he heard a bang and thought "the terrorist attacks, it will not" read the news to know is bombing, more thrilling is "(Vicky) in the (explosion) occurred after one hour before the street" so, she can not help but sigh "life is the birth and death of impermanence, I also believe that will happen will happen, also cannot hide, and the explosion in passing, a profound experience that can live a good life comfortable quiet is true. Many users in the newspaper to see the peace of Ins, have put down the heart of the stone, really feel lucky for her, Ping Pingan ANN is the most important, bless you, nothing good, pay attention to safety". Martha’s wife Ins the New York last night bombing site from me about 15 minutes outside the moment I heard the sound great in mind, the terrorist attack it will not see the news out of surprise, really is the explosion and I, only after the street event always tell us life is impermanent and I also believe that the birth and death one hour before, it happened hide happen can hide but the passing of the true feelings of profound many free to quiet good every day is real someone said, before leaving the memories of the past will come in slow motion playback in front of my hope all the memories will be free, brave and fearless mountain fly Xiang is not so good, but also good enough life free as a bird. thank you for your message to care about, I am very good, rest assured!   相关的主题文章: