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Media: Yang Xiuzhu to return to surrender high strict justice far? Sohu comments on October 2014, sources said that Australia has agreed to help China’s extradition of Australian officials to escape corruption, and Gao Yan will be one of the key objectives. But two years later, things seem to be quiet. Since last April Chinese released hundreds of red Tong staff list since Gesanchawu flight suspects were repatriated or returning to surrender message. In November 16th, fled overseas for 13 years, former vice mayor of Wenzhou city Yang Xiuzhu returned to surrender. This is the successful pursuit of Chinese thirty-seventh single, Yang Xiuzhu as "the first hundred red pass personnel", the initiative returned to surrender, to the domestic and foreign corruption is a huge deterrent, is a great encouragement to the people. Of course, Yang Xiuzhu returned to surrender, is of great significance, but when it comes to landmark, the Yunnan provincial Party Secretary Gao Yan, general manager of the national power company of our pursuit might have greater significance, but he still happy abroad and outside the law. In fact, the society to the relevant departments can pay more attention to the successful pursuit of high Yan, such as the October 2014 news that Australia has agreed to help China extradition of corrupt officials in Australia, while the high Yan will be one of the key goals. But two years later, things seem to be quiet. The corrupt will abscond abroad are a lot of land brought to justice, fairness and justice, public is the rule of law, is the touchstone of unremittingly anti-corruption. Yang Xiuzhu is just a department corrupt, and involving more than 250 million yuan, has caused a sensation in the world, now that she "deserved", can be said to be to the satisfaction of all "". In contrast, Gao Yan is destined to be a difficult and painful point of China’s anti-corruption, but also more symbolic significance. On the run level before, Gao Yan served as governor of Jilin Province, Yunnan provincial Party Secretary, general manager of the national power company when he was at the ministerial level, which belongs to the senior cadres. In his case, he himself involved in corruption and bribery, the use of authority to seek illegitimate interests for relatives, but also involved in major loss of state power of state-owned assets. The community is full of rumors about the deep background of corruption, including Gao Yan was not included in the list of hundreds of red through staff, but also lead to a variety of speculation, affecting the social sensitive nerves. Lai Changxing came back as a symbol, as a red through the first person to return to surrender, there is no reason to become an exception to Gao Yan, Yang Xiuzhu. Corruption suspects will abscond abroad to return, is not an easy task, on the one hand, they disappear, hidden deep, facing a series of problems of justice and foreign affairs but also on the other hand. But it is because after the Human effort is the decisive factor., refugees, the relevant departments to do this thing well, show my sincerity and justice has long arms, anti-corruption. The list of "100 red" was released more than a year, so far, more than 13 suspects to trial, just to prove Human effort is the decisive factor. Including Yang Xiuzhu, many of the suspects fled home, a part is being sent back, the other part is known as "to surrender", is also relevant departments to force him into submission. Two years ago, China set up the central anti-corruption相关的主题文章: