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Minhang a man punished arrogant attitude of illegally parked illegally parked police car ticket tear cut man punished arrogant attitude cut Laopan Minhang police station police told reporters that three afternoon of October 19th. He was on the field of law enforcement illegal parked vehicles in the area, then the law enforcement recorder video display, a red Santana owner in the face of police persuasion, not only refused to leave the car parking area, also to the police shouting, arrogant attitude. Car owner: "you shoot, you shoot, and I do not want to open how?". Lao Zi has money." After the car owners repeatedly verbal persuasion invalid, pan police officers posted penalties for vehicles. However, in the face of police punishment according to law, the owner of the illegal parking notice issued by the police on the spot. When the police left, the owner drove the police car to intercept the police. Police: "please go to the edge."." Car owner: "ask me to go up and take my car ticket off."!" Police: "just ask you to drive away, why don’t you listen?"" Owner: "I’m happy, I can’t let you go."!" As the owner of the car driving retrograde parked in the middle of the road, seriously affecting the road traffic, the reinforcements arrived after the police away. Finally, the main reason for obstructing the car, Minhang police were sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention according to law. "" "" Shanghai today recommended 2017 annual Medicare and rural residents pay the end of December 25th the city began to register within five years to build 100 kilometers of underground pipe gallery will increase the low-income housing 300 thousand sets of house inexplicable death of his wife to sell the old man by law to recapture the Shanghai women more than 50 years, the incidence of breast cancer is on the rise in Huaihailu Road Xiangyang high-risk elderly women a Audi car at the junction of the road sudden spontaneous combustion no casualties "" "" wonderful video exposure Li Chen married Zhang Hanna with one billion net worth of fan ye build nests that make people happy about suspected nosebleed adorable sister COS, actually comes from the 60 after the uncle in the hands of Papi sauce on Monday — the game let the star mad widow broadcasting! Why he was half of entertainment hated? Move your fingers and inquire about traffic violations at any time! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

闵行一男子违停遭处罚 态度嚣张撕罚单截警车 男子违停遭处罚 态度嚣张截警车 闵行派出所的老潘告诉记者,10月19日下午三点多,他在辖区内对违法停放的车辆进行现场执法,当时的执法记录仪视频显示,一辆红色桑塔纳的车主面对民警规劝,不仅拒绝将车驶离违停区域,还对民警大声喊叫,态度嚣张。车主:“你拍呀,你拍好了,我就不想开怎么样。老子有钱。”在对车主多次口头劝说无效后,潘警官对车辆进行贴单处罚。然而面对民警依法处罚,车主当场将民警开具的违法停车告知单撕除。在民警离开时,该车主又开车拦截民警的警车。民警:“请你到边上去。”车主:“要我到边上去,把我车上的罚单撤掉!”民警:“刚刚叫你开走你为什么不听?”车主:“我高兴,我让你走不掉!”由于该车主驾驶车辆逆行横停在马路中央,严重影响道路通行,增援民警赶到后将其带离。最终该车主因妨碍公务被闵行警方依法处以行政拘留10天。》》》》大申今日推荐2017年度城乡居民医保开始登记缴费 12月25日结束本市五年内建100公里地下管廊 将增保障房30万套老伴去世房子莫名遭出售 老人用法律将其夺回沪50岁以上女性乳腺癌发病率上升 中老年女性高危淮海路襄阳路路口一奥迪车突发自燃 幸无人员伤亡》》》》精彩视频曝李晨十亿身家迎娶范爷 张翰娜扎共建爱巢疑喜事将近这些让人流鼻血的萌妹cos服,竟出自60后大叔之手papi酱的周一放送——游戏寡妇让明星发狂!他为何被半个娱乐圈恨之入骨?动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: