Ministry of human resources and social development to realize the direct settlement of medical expen-polartec

Ministry of human resources and social development: to realize the direct settlement of medical expenses in different places by the end of next year (reporter Jie Li) yesterday, the Ministry of human resources and Social Affairs issued the notice on further study and implementation of the spirit of the National Conference on health and health. The notice clearly identified a number of policy points, including the beginning of next year to basically achieve inter provincial offsite resettlement retirees hospitalization expenses direct settlement, to the end of next year, basically meet the referral requirements of off-site medical expenses directly settled. Next year, the unified notification of urban and rural residents medical insurance pointed out that we should accelerate the integration of basic medical insurance in urban and rural areas. To be fair and benefit the masses as the goal, to accelerate the integration of basic medical insurance management institutions, efforts to maintain social fairness and justice, improve the medical service utilization level of urban and rural residents and the level of protection, improve the masses and gain a sense of well-being; enhance the health insurance fund mutual aid ability, promote the health of medical service external incentive effect, provide a solid foundation for the three health reform. Efforts should be made to integrate all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) before the end of this year, and unified medical insurance system for urban and rural residents will be established in 2017. According to the disease payment, there will be no less than 100 kinds of notice, the emphasis should be placed on the payment reform in a more prominent position, combined with the medical insurance fund budget management, the full implementation of the total medical insurance payment control. To establish adapt to different people, different diseases or service features of multiple type of insurance payment, accelerate the capitation, DRGs, per diem payment, encourage the development of related disease diagnosis group (DRGs) according to the payment, explore the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine service payment. In order to promote orderly competition between medical institutions and rational allocation of resources, the method of point number can be combined with budget management and disease payment according to the conditions. At the same time, this year the comprehensive reform pilot provinces and all public hospitals comprehensive reform pilot cities are required to implement DRGs reform, covering no less than 100 diseases. Serious illness insurance to the poor groups to improve the appropriate tilt illness insurance system, explore the specific measures appropriate to tilt to the poverty groups, focusing participatory urban and rural poor population, the implementation of preferential payment policy, to reduce the threshold and increase the proportion of reimbursement and other measures to improve the accuracy of security underpinning the sickness insurance system, efforts to solve the problems of population, poverty due to illness and other issues. At the same time, do a good job in the basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical assistance system cohesion, to achieve seamless docking between the various systems, the use of medical insurance settlement network and social security card to establish a one-stop settlement mechanism, to provide more convenient and efficient service for the masses. Relocation of retirees in provinces next year direct settlement notice that the basic medical insurance to achieve national network and remote medical immediate settlement, according to the three steps taken, strengthen municipal co-ordination, improve the province networking settlement, accelerate the establishment of a national networked remote medical billing system, to achieve national networked remote medical billing system and provincial networked remote medical billing the docking system, ensure that next year the basic realization of inter provincial relocation of retirees hospitalization cost of direct settlement, by the end of 2017, the basic realization of remote medical referral in accordance with provisions of the hospitalization expenses settlement. During the year to start long-term care insurance system, around the country will explore the establishment of long-term care insurance system. The reform pilot area should explore inquiry