Minsheng Bank and other related agricultural bank 3 billion 900 million bills nest case-candy boy

Minsheng Bank or bank bills involving 3 billion 900 million Woan Sina Finance News February 1st news, Caixin reported that the Agricultural Bank of China Beijing branch of the 3 billion 900 million yuan bill case also involves the Minsheng Bank and the Bank of Ningbo. Ningbo bank stakeholders on Sina Finance said that the case is being investigated. Minsheng Bank declined to comment. The new financial reports, Minsheng Bank is the principal bank or the actual straight paste, and then by Chongqing bill intermediary matchmaking as Bank of Ningbo Minsheng Bank and Agricultural Bank of China’s bridge line completed resale; the Bank of Ningbo Beijing branch of the Agricultural Bank counterparties, the resale business. According to internal sources, the bank note case involving a principal named Yao Shangyan, "notes circle big brothers, can summon wind and call for rain". A Minsheng Bank source said, ABC has a number of suspects were taken away by the police. It is understood that the Agricultural Bank of China Beijing branch of 2 employees suspected of illegally taking 3 billion 900 million yuan bill at the same time, the use of illegal cash bills and repurchase funds, set up accounts, buy a substantial part of funds into the stock market, the share price fell, a huge funding gap can not be cashed. 2 employees have been investigated, and the Ministry of public security and the China Banking Regulatory Commission have submitted the case to the State Council for a huge amount of money involved. According to close to ABC Beijing branch sources, at the time of the incident, ABC bill in the North security cabinet was replaced by newspapers. Recently, there has been a wave of turmoil in the banking bill business. Following the 3 billion 900 million bank bill fraud notice has been filed after investigation, the Lanzhou branch of China CITIC Bank has been exposed to more than 969 million yuan bill case, the relevant people involved has been controlled by the police, involving funds and bills have been frozen, the police are stepping up to solve the case. According to the market chaos, the general office of the CBRC issued the day before the "notice" on the bills business risk warning, commonly existing in the bill market problems are to be risk warning. The "Circular" on the implementation of the main bill interbank business franchise management is not in place, rediscount business transfer scale through the bill, reduce the capital occupied, the acceptance and discount business inflated deposits and loans, and the agency notes together, illegal transactions, disturb the market order, and loan discount maneuvers, credit risk, mutual cover innovation "negotiable instruments agency" to avoid regulatory requirements, illegal channels 7 violations typical prompt. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

民生银行等或涉农行39亿票据窝案   新浪财经讯 2月1日消息,财新网报道称,农行北京分行39亿元票据案还牵涉民生银行和宁波银行。宁波银行相关人士对新浪财经表示,案件正在侦查当中。民生银行则未予置评。   财新报道称,民生银行是实际的委托行或直贴行,再由重庆的票据中介撮合宁波银行作为民生银行和农行的“过桥行”完成买入返售;宁波银行则是农行北京分行的交易对手,双方开展买入返售业务。   据农行内部人士透露,农行票据案的涉案主犯名为姚尚延,“是票据圈大哥级别的人物,可以呼风唤雨”。一位民生银行人士透露,农行已经有多位嫌疑人被警方带走。   据了解,农行北京分行2名员工涉嫌非法套取39亿元票据,同时利用非法套取的票据进行回购资金,且未建立台账,回购款其中相当部分资金违规流入股市,而由於股价下跌,出现巨额资金缺口无法兑付。2名员工已被立案调查,由于涉及金额巨大,公安部和银监会已将该案件上报国务院。据接近农行北京分行人士透露,案发时农行北分保险柜中的票据被换成报纸。   近来,银行业票据业务风波一波未平一波又起。继农行39亿票据诈骗案公告已立案侦查后,中信银行兰州分行又被曝出逾9.69亿元的票据案,相关涉案人员目前已被警方控制,涉案资金及票据也已被冻结,警方正在对案件加紧侦破。   针对票据市场乱象,银监会办公厅日前下发了《关于票据业务风险提示的通知》,对票据市场普遍存在的问题都予以风险提示。   《通知》主要对票据同业业务专营治理落实不到位、通过票据转贴现业务转移规模,消减资本占用、利用承兑贴现业务虚增存贷款规模、与票据中介联手,违规交易、扰乱市场秩序、贷款与贴现相互腾挪、掩盖信用风险、创新“票据代理”规避监管要求、违规通道等7种典型的违规问题进行提示。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: