My master’s partnership with the people selling coffee chain store near the university building lm3886

My master’s partnership with the people selling coffee chain store near the university building yesterday afternoon, near the West Yubei campus, a Book island coffee bean sprouts, from National Chengchi University Graduate Wang Xiaokang after graduation this year is still operating the shop. Newspaper reporter Li Bin photo bean sprouts Book island coffee shop 28 year old Wang graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law this year, when others are busy looking for work, he was busy in his own chain of coffee shops in the 6. Wang Xiaokang and several small partners in the bean sprouts, a year’s profit can easily reach hundreds of thousands. On the road to entrepreneurship, they have achieved good results. At the beginning of the business, Wang Xiaokang was born in Chongqing, an ordinary peasant household. Just entered junior high school that moment, when other children are still reaching out to the parents to pocket money, Wang off to reduce the burden on the family, they find a job cleaning teachers dormitory. The rest of the time, he took the broom to the teacher dormitory health, with their own labor in exchange for income. Through this work, Wang also tasted off own happiness. 2008, Wang admitted to Southwest University of Political Science and Law law professional. 2010, Wang Xiaokang met with Xu Tao, a few partners, such as the joint venture of the ideal of the partners, such as Chen Xuemei, Hu Yu. According to Xu Tao’s proposal and market analysis, a few people act immediately, rented a facade to start business. Initially, the idea was to do free custom tourism, several partners themselves usually save living expenses, scholarships and part-time earn income together, go to work together. In order to save money, in the decoration, equipment configuration, they have their own way, try to do it yourself or to the secondary market amoy…… A busy two months, the store "bean sprouts" officially opened its doors. This is a two story building in a store, a tent, in order to allow customers to experience the outdoor travel experience; the two floor is a creative studio, and a sell coffee, drinks, for customers to rest. Accidental discovery, let them find business opportunities but soon after, they found that the influence of business travel season is too large, the first floor of the business on the contrary, erratic, the two floor of the business is often surprising, almost the entire store profit pillar. The discovery of the bean sprouts to find a new position. Second years, the small team decided to re decorate the first floor, and bean sprouts business has also been transformed into a coffee, beverage based, travel supplement pattern. After a few buddy in the circle of friends with a promotion, "coffee bean sprouts" attendance is very high. However, there will be a new problem, although a large number of friends received every day, but not a few real consumption. Only a few tens of millions of dollars a day in the first month, the average monthly loss of 6000 yuan in the first 3 months. Soon, "bean sprouts" to make snap "reform". The first is the elimination of sales of products is not high, at the same time according to the requirements of every single customer sites, Lahua for its private custom in different styles. Wang Xiaokang said, for example, shop signs cappuccino, for young college students, such as Winnie the Pooh design machine cat cute cartoon pattern, very popular. Brooke相关的主题文章: