National Day purchase tide swept the Chinese real estate market policy into the inflection point demonophobia

National Day purchase tide swept the Chinese real estate market in China real estate policy into the inflection point is now China Golden week. However, many residents of many cities in China is not the most concerned about how to resort, but the introduction of the city’s purchase policy." Germany’s economic news, 7, so describe the impact of China’s purchase order. Japan’s "Asahi Shimbun" commented that the China main city launched to strengthen the control of the overheated real estate policy can be described as "hitherto unknown" in the National Day holiday, shows that the government Chinese very wary of the real estate market bubble. The new regulations have increased the proportion of down payment to buy a house, but also for the purchase of housing has been made to purchase restrictions, aimed at the purchase of investment property on the brakes. China’s real economy and the stock market downturn, the funds are flowing into the real estate, which had to worry about the bubble. "Since September 30th, 19 cities have implemented new real estate regulation policies." Reuters reported on 7, the purchase of real estate in cities around China intensified, the latest move to join the camp is the city of Dongguan on Thursday to take action, Zhuhai and Fuzhou. Previously, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other cities have action. The "Wall Street journal" commented that this is Chinese government leadership to curb housing boom prices soaring by a new round of action. After two years of decline, China’s real estate market began to rise again crazy at the end of last year. Analysts and economists say the boom is mainly due to the excessive growth of China’s economic growth and the pursuit of too little investment opportunities. Chinese officials have warned that the real estate bubble has been rising since the beginning of the year, and the government has stepped up control of the property market in late last month after more cities reported a sharp rise in house prices. Reported that a number of successive introduction of the purchase of the city, Chinese government before the real estate bubble is used before, however, this is now facing an economic slowdown in overall test, the traditional economic growth industry lose momentum, these policies may lead to real estate prices fell sharply and drag on economic growth. Why is the introduction of the National Day policy? Hongkong am730 website quoted the 7 analysis of Economic Research Office, city academy of Social Sciences and the real estate Chinese Ni Pengfei said, mainly because of the holiday and then buy the traditional hot time, this "market sentiment can not only rapid digestion of panic, also from the fact of timely and effectively curb excessive speculation, so as to stabilize the property market". In some western media, the purchase order does not seem surprising. Reuters 3, from Hunan, Changsha reported on the heat spread, China’s real estate speculators attacked the Inland city". The article quoted the local real estate sales manager Hu Yi (sound) as saying that house prices in the past two months, an average of $2000 per square meter, compared with July prices rose by 30%. The report quoted another real estate sales manager Chen Xiaochuan (sound) as saying that Changsha buyers accounted for 13 of speculators. Those who are mainly from Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities, but also from Hefei, Hefei prices have almost doubled this year, they think that Changsha will be the next Hefei". Institute of public policy, Hong Kong Polytech University.相关的主题文章: