No car day to hold a driving permit can be free by bus p8400

"Car Free Day" driving license holders can be free by bus reporter yesterday from the city Department of transportation management office was informed that for the training of "low carbon traffic, city public traffic culture green travel", in the whole society to create everyone concerned about the bus, bus support good atmosphere, from today to September 25th, the city Department of transportation, bus passenger transportation, subway operating company to carry out the "bus travel Awareness Week activities within the city, the theme of" preferred public transportation, green travel". Municipal Transportation Bureau also announced the bus travel awareness week, the activities of the arrangement – September 19th 10, in the Peace Plaza bus hub to start the bus travel awareness week activities. The hub station and Dalian Railway Station set up a fast track to start the venue, through video, audio and other forms of publicity boards to carry out a variety of promotional activities. September 20th is "public transport priority" Publicity Day activities. In addition through radio, television and newspaper and Media City Public Transportation Mobile TV publicity "bus priority" achievements and significance, the city Department of transportation management office, bus group staff in the light rail line 3 Dalian Railway Station, Peace Plaza transit hub set consulting, to provide on-site bus travel advisory service to the public, public hot answer questions. September 21st, to carry out the theme of public transport publicity campaign. To carry out public safety emergency, dangerous state identification, safety awareness and other special knowledge and awareness of public safety awareness campaign to enhance public awareness of safety and emergency response capabilities. September 22nd is no car day". The same day, the public holds a vehicle license can be free to take public transport vehicles. September 23rd, public transportation into the campus". City public transportation departments, bus companies, subway operating company entered the middle school and primary school, preaching the concept of green travel, training students’ consciousness of bus priority, the popularity of public traffic safety emergency knowledge etc.. September 24th open day". Open to intelligent dispatching control center, the public bus station, new energy vehicles and other facilities or places of internal management; invited representatives of community residents into the subway control center, vehicle, show high tech support subway operation means etc.. September 25th, to carry out "zero distance contact bus driver" activities. Invite enthusiastic people approached the bus driver, and bus drivers have a heart to heart conversation, in order to enhance mutual understanding between the public and the bus driver.   reporter Zhao Yunying相关的主题文章: