Office workers are susceptible to dry eye daily how to prevention of dry eye

Office workers are susceptible to dry eye dry eye daily how to prevent long time operation of the computer or the Internet for damage to the eyes, on the one hand, computer visual fatigue syndrome can cause conjunctivitis symptoms; on the other hand, the computer can also cause or aggravate conjunctivitis xerophthalmia. The long-term use of some cosmetics or eyedrops is also the reason. The office of dry eye under normal circumstances cause eye blink 20 per minute to 25 times; when we are reading and watching the computer screen, the number of eyes consciously blink in virtually reduced to 5 to 10 times, the exposed eye surface area broadening. This not only reduces the secretion and replacement of lubricating eye tear, and ocular surface exposed to air for a long time due to excessive evaporation too fast, causing dry discomfort. In particular, long-term work in the open air and the air is not smooth in the environment, and often engaged in work activities in high concentration (for example, work in front of a computer screen reading, watching TV and video in a dark room and watching TV, short distance driving vehicles), long-term to prone to dry eye, severe cases can damage the cornea, even cause infection; Xiaowei is a reason. Of course, it will not be like that of acute eye symptoms, sometimes only to eye discomfort, dryness, sticky sense. Many reasons lead to dry eye disease, and men and women, and more women than men. Especially over the age of 50 male and female incidence ratio is 1: 9. Research shows, especially the hormone androgen and prolactin secretion regulation of lacrimal gland, to maintain the normal function of tear, if the two hormone reduced secretion will cause the tear. In addition, dry eye and tear tear deficiency can be divided into two kinds of excessive evaporation. The lack of such as primary lacrimal gland diseases, congenital abnormal tear, autoimmune diseases, AIDS, trachoma, burns and radiation control and lacrimal gland nerve was damaged and the noise and air pollution, and topical drug use. The excessive evaporation of the above computer terminal syndrome, eyelid closure can not wear contact lenses, eyelid inflammation, etc.. But specifically, its causes are manifold. Method of prevention of dry eye: daily life pay attention to eye care, can prevent dry eye disease, even if the symptoms will be very light, as follows: 1, usually with eyes properly, avoid "all eyes", often blink blink, to ensure that at least 4~5 minutes. 2, avoid prolonged continuous operation of the computer, pay attention to the middle of the rest. Usually for 1 hours, rest 5~10 minutes. When resting, overlooking the vision or do exercises. The room light is dark, open the lamp, alleviate the radiation from the screen light to the eye; the ambient light should be soft, computer products to brightness to be appropriate, better clarity, tables and chairs to the height and computer, and is usually eyes or slightly down at fluorescent screen. 3, do not blow too long air conditioning, to avoid the seat on the air flow, and placed in the vicinity of the tea, in order to increase the humidity around. 4, if you have tears secretion is small, easy to dry eyes, in front of the computer is not suitable for the use of contact lenses, to wear glasses to carry artificial tears, timing.相关的主题文章: