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Oral: I love the people and love me, how should I choose? Muzi Lee: my husband is the second man in my life, from the husband, I had a painful first love. Her first boyfriend looks handsome, articulate, but the family in general. In order to give my first boyfriend, the first time our precious, also experienced premarital cohabitation, although in this affair, I am a girl but I most willing to lose. However, this is a let me Taoxintaofei to love the man, finally betrayed me. I will he and another woman in our rented house unto the bed, I chose to break up. Also because of this thing, completely changed my view of marriage: women, looking for marriage, not only to find the handsome, but also to find the money, even if the break up, at least do not suffer. Later, after my Dad met a friend, my husband, parents are businessmen, rich natural than mine. Of course, my father is a local official, my family conditions are not bad. A husband, a little I could not understand: arrogant. The reason why I choose to marry her husband, because he is good to me. The marriage will inevitably bump, especially in children, because children often happen to quarrel derailed her husband. For this, my husband and I were so stiff that I lived in my home for a month. During her husband home for the door to intercede, are of no avail. Finally, my mother said a word, poked my nerve. Mom said that if you want to continue the marriage, it should not Tai Chi side. Finally, I chose to go home with my husband. Parents in order to comfort me, I bought a villa. I thought I’d forgive my husband, but I really can’t do it. After the derailment period, I often chat on the Internet to find a strange man, during a meet and my ex boyfriend looks very similar to the man, I do not know why, I had to take the initiative to each other, and the other developed into lovers. And lovers together hang out in half a year, during the period, I once again picked up their female label. Today, my husband found me cheating on marriage, iron heart and I divorce, I naturally did not promise. Now, my husband and I are in the cold war. Would like to ask: why her husband derailed, I can choose to forgive, and I derailed, the husband can not choose to forgive? Muzi Li Da reader asked: after your husband derailed, you do not forgive, it is your thing; you derailed, your husband will not forgive, it is his thing. There are two things, why should we discuss together? You forgive your husband, because you have not thought about divorce, because you think that divorce do not hang on the face, because you think your husband is worth to forgive your husband; and do not forgive you, because he is not willing to be a cuckold, because he felt that he was wearing a green hat is a disgrace, because he feels that you don’t deserve it. Baoqiang Wang’s divorce was rampant, will become a lot of people talk about at leisure. On this matter, had asked an unmarried male friend: such as相关的主题文章: