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Overseas Chinese media hot Chinese Olympic team   sports spirit in Chinese media — Tim emboldened — people.com.cn original title: Chinese sports spirit as Tim Lang Ping and the Chinese women’s volleyball players China emboldened Olympic Games women’s volleyball athletes China Olympic podium highest Rio Olympics the curtain has fallen, but the Olympic Games bring laughter and tears it has not yet dispersed. In this Olympic Games, Chinese athletes won the honor and applause by virtue of their tenacious struggle. During the Olympic Games, overseas Chinese media has been constantly tracking and attention to the performance of the Chinese legion. French European times network says, "for 16 days, the global Chinese audience witnessed the accident popular, cupping Fu Yuanhui brought the" debris ", who also won the table tennis China devil, Nirvana rebirth Chinese women’s volleyball team?…… "Weijinpai farewell", true to life athletes and their distinctive personality charm". When the Olympic Games smoke dispersed, those wonderful scenes have become history. For Chinese sports, how to accumulate experience and lessons from the Olympic Games, learn from the faster, higher, stronger power, is the top priority. In this regard, overseas Chinese media also actively offer advice and suggestions for China sports weapon. The Chinese women’s volleyball team spirit incentive "country strong, overseas Chinese back more hard!" European Times wrote that the craftsmanship and outstanding performance China athletes, the overseas Chinese becomes harder. On the superb skills and excellent performance, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is undoubtedly an outstanding representative of Chinese athletes. Rio Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated the defending champion Brazil, once in the group stage to beat his Holland and Serbia team, after a lapse of 12 years and then won the Olympic gold medal. At the scene, Brazil local overseas Chinese women’s volleyball girls cheer; on the sidelines, women’s volleyball team spirit among the numerous overseas Chinese people wandering. European times network published comments that the "90" for a new generation of Chinese main women’s volleyball, with practical action to prove to the world: China women’s fighting spirit is still, and will be handed down from age to age. It is normal for the Chinese to win and win the honor in various fields through fair competition. In the face of failure and frustration in the competition is more mature, rational, calm. The American Press news wrote that the change of the "women’s spirit" view, reflects the change of social values Chinese. Women’s volleyball girls never give up, look for the target, do all they can once again prove: in front of the spirit, there’s always a miracle will happen. Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping, who studied in the United States, has taught overseas for many years. Her life experience and touching deeds have aroused the emotional resonance of overseas Chinese media. European times network article said that Lang Ping was part of the overseas Chinese community, but also a million returnees in one, she had personally experienced the hard work of overseas chinese. Exchanges and cooperation to open up the sports barriers in the world of sports competition, technology exports and examples of common reference. The Olympic Games, many foreign delegation won the title in China under the guidance of the coach, there are also many)相关的主题文章: