Poor rich dad, the focus of the hot topic of social hot topic lformat

"Poor rich dad" released on the social hot topic cited Sina entertainment news [micro-blog], starring Kevin Cheng Li Chengyuan, little bin magic Carnival comedy "poor rich dad" is the country aggressively and gain a good reputation. The social problem of the film for the first time focusing on the "Hongkong cage house", Hongkong has revealed the seemingly glamorous dark side mirror, black tour guide, unscrupulous real estate developers and other social problems triggered a heated debate audience. This movie is a Hongkong twice won the award for Best Screenplay Award [micro-blog] Zhang Jianting wrote and directed, tells the story of the rich dad bankrupts with his son QiongYou Hongkong, staged a touching warmth and laughter and unforgettable trip. The social hot topic cited Hongkong Woody · Alan life transfer positive energy director Zhang Jianting film to life were known for being the film producer Mr. Wu Siyuan called "Hongkong’s Woody · Alan", it is the source in life creation mode makes the film more close to the livelihood of the people, are more likely to resonate with the audience. Named "Wen Jie Ju" the netizen after watching the movie said: "in view of the present social problems from rare, cheap tour to meet the material needs of their children too, to ignore the spiritual needs of children and other hot spots, the film made a deep discussion, a poor, an ice breaking trip, hilarious opening. It is very meaningful for the couple with children to see the child!" Another member of the audience said: "a warmth, to seize the two social problems, a cheap black tour shopping tour, about unscrupulous developers forced to cage the people, let us see the dark side of prosperity." The film also help children establish the correct values of "good movie, a strong cast, I love the bye Kevin Cheng, the content is very positive energy, in a money oriented society, watching the movie can let the children understand between affection friendship and the love people, very suitable for children to understand the real the concept of money! Very suitable for children to see!" A parent said after watching the film. Show heart warmer "young" fans sister Kevin Cheng this piece although there is no complicated story, but pure and simple plot and reveal the truth to virtually poke in the hearts of the audience, an audience member said: "the plot is simple, but many details have triggered my heart, several can feel the mother’s love for her son, between the wife of her husband’s love, and love! The performance of small Binbin didn’t feel like adults said words in language, is a child’s character appeared, it was very good. Male Lord female face value to play, especially the heroine Li Chengyuan really beautiful. But in several supporting roles, such as tour guide who also is very prominent, funny play. Overall evaluation is good, it is worth a family to watch!" As the yen value play Kevin Cheng is attracting a lot of attention of many sister: "the warmth of the film, the film is not the kind of money, look at the time feel very warm, choked several times, finally did not collapse to cry, the episode is also very nice. All in all, it’s very warm! Kevin Cheng handsome burst, want to marry." Of course, the carnival theme of the most suitable for the whole family to watch: "can see a film, from the director to play.相关的主题文章: