Pu Cunxin father, performing artist Su min died today at home at age 89 sayu-02

Pu Cunxin’s father, performing artist Su min today home died at the age of 89, Phoenix Entertainment News according to Beijing Youth Daily reported that the Beijing people’s art director, the famous performing artists, Pu Cunxin’s father, Su min, 28 am at home died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 89. Screenshot micro-blog Su min, formerly known as Pu Si Xun, Beijing people’s art theatre actor, director, member of Chinese Dramatists Association, member of Beijing Federation of literary and art circles. 40s to 1952, the progress of modern drama movement, the establishment of the Beijing people’s art, Su min went to the theatre, the art of the first generation of actors. In 1996, at the age of 70, he starred in the Opium War, Emperor Dao Guang. Pu Cunxin and his father (Figure) many active in the stage and film and television screen actor, such as Guanhua Liang, Wang Ji, Song Dandan, and so on, and so on, and so on, he is the student of his, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, he is a student of his students, such as, and so on, and so on, such as:, Xu Fan, and so on. Later, he was transformed into a director, starring Pu Cunxin, "Li Bai", "by the director of the Soviet Union," by the director of the Chinese people’s Republic of china. In addition, Su min also has undertaken the art class and drama art class teaching of performance for art performing talent reserve in the future. The famous performing artist Su min earlier, Pu Cunxin attended the "Pu brother read the essay" read sharing in Beijing, the growth of inspiration to his father about Su min. In the early 60s, the Zhongshan Beijing music hall held the "weekly recital", invited the performing artists, recite the famous live recitation, then only ten year old Pu Cunxin will come to the scene. Pu Cunxin primary school in the third grade, he heard from our father Su min the "Red Rock" novel broadcast on the radio, the voice of his father let Pu Cunxin extremely proud. As a faithful listener of his father, he not only remembered the story of his father’s voice transmission, but also broadened his understanding of his family in the depth of the art of sound and the beauty of language. The father, who was invited by the headmaster to speak in his own primary school auditorium, was more brilliant in his heart. Beijing arts drama "Li Bai" on 1991 premiere, Pu Cunxin played Li Bai, and the director is Su min. More than twenty years of the process, "Li Bai" performances. In such a relationship, the two men transform the identity, there may be differences, there may be a collision because of their age and bring art, but both of them in order to appear on the stage of "beauty" itself and the efforts. A video of Mr. Su’s teacher once again let the audience hear the long and beautiful voice. The two men have similar sounds, different style, Pu’s son unremitting pursuit of art, the spirit moved all the audience. Pu Cunxin said that the meaning of the father’s Day is not only grateful to our parents from childhood to life in our help, it is necessary to cherish the spiritual heritage of our parents in the guidance of our heritage.相关的主题文章: