Russian public support for China’s territorial sovereignty of the dragon is still angry smoke –

Russian public support for China’s territorial sovereignty of the east dragon is still angry smoke – Sohu Military Channel in September, China and Russia will hold joint maritime -2016 joint military exercises at sea. It is reported that the exercise will be held in the disputed territory of the South China Sea, so that Russia can become China’s dispute in the South China Sea allies". Not long ago, China’s Hague permanent arbitration court in the South China Sea arbitration results expressed dissatisfaction. Some Western analysts even believe that there may be a war between China and the United States, they believe that the United States manipulated the court of arbitration in Hague, in response, China will put economic pressure on the United states. At first, it might be an economic war. These analysts have said that Russia will support China in this war. For example, the British "Daily Star" published an article, pictured with Russian leaders photo background for maritime navigation ships. The title of the article is whether China and Russia will unite against the United States? ". The article said, "a disastrous step in the fierce conflict between China and the United States," and highlighted the word "fierce" in capital letters. The article said that the United States will usher in the end. The article said that the results of the arbitration simply let the Chinese dragon angry smoke". Experts warned that China may be a war against the United States, and Russia will stand on the side of china. Then the author pointed out that the Sino Russian joint military exercises next month is not without intention. Russia will no longer play a bystander role, will openly support China’s territorial claims. As evidence, the author proposes that Putin will be honored as a "VIP" to attend the G20 summit held in China in September. In addition, the article proposes that the deployment of the United States in South Korea "nuclear shield" Sade system angered the two countries (Russia and China). But it is not just "this" that the Sino Russian joint. The author thinks that the Kremlin and the actual behavior to fling caution to the winds down, "the China support territorial claims". They cite another "weighty evidence" that Moscow has its own territorial problems, and in 2014 Russia merged with Crimea. Russia to China, it will be easier to maintain their consolidated territory. China’s defense ministry said the conflict was exaggerated, the upcoming exercise is not directed against third parties. The exercise is a routine joint training of Chinese and Russian troops, the purpose is to strengthen Sino Russian strategic partnership of cooperation". The White House said the United States is worried about the Sino Russian exercises. An official pointed out that I do not know the details of the Sino Russian joint, but the U.S. military sector to maintain a long-term relationship, so it will not be surprised. The White House said that as long as the cooperation between China to maintain safety and professional, the U.S. government will not worry about the safety of U.S. ships in the region. There is little information on the upcoming Sino Russian joint. A few days ago, the Defense Ministry press conference, Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Wu Qian did not disclose more details, only that the two sides held a third round of consultations to discuss the implementation of the exercise plan and specific arrangements. In addition, the Chinese defense ministry stressed that the purpose of this joint exercise is to safeguard regional peace and security. Russian military revealed.相关的主题文章: