Secret Mulan mother Xiaoyi Chen interpretation of love reshacker

The secret of "Mulan mother" love aspect Xiaoyi Chen interpretation of "Mulan mother" Xiaoyi Chen, Fan Lei Sina entertainment news by Xiaoyi Chen, fan Lei [micro-blog] and starring in big emotional drama "Mulan" mother, in November 27th will be landing in Shandong TV evening prime time theatre. The play to Mulan, Chen Yanli emotional entanglements between the two families as the background, in order to take care of the Mulan children as the main line, tells the story of the great maternal love field two. The girl in the magnolia, taking care of dementia grandfather, delay into older youth. Divorced man years of filial piety touched to Chaoyang Mulan, Mulan. Mulan with his grandfather, with his son in Chaoyang with small fish, regardless of the opposition of both sides, the formation of a new family. Wedding scene, Chaoyang ex-wife Chen Yanli sent a baby girl, said to be the daughter of chaoyang. Mulan accidentally found the baby not years Chaoyang daughter, but poor Chen Yanli in a difficult position, did not tell this year Chaoyang, named the child Xiaoyue, leaving the children. Mulan ten years as one day, the fish, I own, will bear bitter hardships raising two children taught. The interpretation of human love — "mother households Xiaoyi Chen then decorated the mother to enjoy" mother households "the reputation of Xiaoyi Chen in recent years on the screen perform a lot of the mother’s role, by the majority of the audience’s praise. Xiaoyi Chen played in Mulan is a strong mother, she was a big day out of her husband’s ex-wife was sent to a daughter, good in Mulan and not so generous also break off an engagement, under the child. Mulan can be other children as their own flesh and blood to nurture, showing the great mother’s selfless love. From the comedy star to TV drama actor fan Lei father has been mentioned as a deduction of actor Fan Lei will all be characterized as a comedian, special image, classic funny face has always been a fan Lei label, but in recent years, with more and more access to play different types of TV drama, fan Lei from the comedy star turned into a generalist can play all kinds of roles. The role of Mulan’s husband in Chaoyang, fan Lei can be done to the mind. First of all, the thunder will be located in Chaoyang as a simple rural man, there is a commitment, dedication, but also a selfish side. That is not in Chaoyang Xiaoyue his own flesh and blood, his first reaction was chosen to be covered with anger spread to his wife that he Mulan, these years in order to raise the child suffered a lot. But slowly, Chaoyang is Mulan’s years of selfless love will, their inner goodness is excited, completely turned out to be a good father. A love hate relationship with the mother – Xu Huangli show domineering acting at the age of three, acting, has starred in TV dramas of one hundred Xu Huangli, who in the film "Dutch act club" small image obtained Lolita jinqiangwei best newcomer award. The representative of "no" secret history "" mother "Wu Zetian father is a dragon" ultimate "IP MAN war" etc.. In the TV series "Mulan mother" in the role of Xu Huangli and the previous image of Satsuki are not the same, whether it is hot, funny sister or daughter dance genius can easily hold live. Mother Chen Yanli and mother in Mulan enenyuanyuan between).相关的主题文章: