See China publishing go from Tibet in Beijing; to the world – the media – at hom

See China publishing go   from Tibet in Beijing; to the world – the media – original title at the door: the world at home (cultural pulse) — from the Beijing International Book Fair at China published "going out" in the International Book Fair in Beijing this year, visit the children’s exhibition of readers in a continuous line. This year is the 30 anniversary of the Beijing International Book fair. 30 years ago the first session of Tibet participating countries and regions for a total of 35 exhibitors, the total number of only 224 companies, including overseas exhibitors reached 165, copyright trade 97. The book fair this year, participating countries and regions up to 86, more than 2400 exhibitors, copyright trade reached over 5000. The Beijing International Book Fair has become China publishing to the world’s bridgehead. The world interest in China diversification China development experience, science and technology books into a new hot spot in Egypt Embassy Cultural Education Science and technology counsellor Hossain? Ibrahim has 3 consecutive years to participate in the Beijing International Book Fair, but this year he is excited. Through his matchmaking, the exchange of Chinese and foreign literary history of Shandong Education Publishing House of the "Chinese? — Arabia volume" smoothly to press copyrights in egypt. "I have read the book, the content is very good, a comprehensive display of the 2000 to China and the world of Arabia literature exchange." Ibrahim speaks fluent chinese. He introduced the Egyptians are very interested in contemporary china. In recent years there are a dozen Chinese novels translated into Arabic in Egypt, Su Tong Mo Yan publishing, and Wang Anyi is very popular with readers. Interestingly, the biographies of Chinese entrepreneurs have a great impact on young people in Egypt, Baidu’s Robin Li, BYD’s entrepreneurs such as became the idol of young people in egypt. Ibrahim said: they are not very rich from the beginning, are struggling to become entrepreneurs from the poor, young people are also eager to start the Egyptian, their biographies to inspire and hope for young people in egypt." Korean translator Jin Taicheng won the China Book Award for special contribution this year, he pushed more than and 200 China excellent books copyright exports to South Korea, Tie Ning and Mo Yan translated and published more than and 100 literary works of the writer China. Ten years, Jin Taicheng experienced China books from little interest to become the focus of change. He said that when he was at his own expense to pick and buy books in China, personally translated, while the Korean publishing industry is not very interested in the Chinese theme, the publication encountered great difficulties. But before long, these Chinese books for the Korean press to make money, to find his South Korean press in a continuous line. At present, there are more than a dozen Chinese works waiting for him to translate. To this end, Jin Taicheng even resigned from the university professor as a full-time translator. He said: "South Korea almost every university has a Chinese department, but the professors to write papers, few people watching, I translated and published Chinese books will have tens of thousands of readers, I feel rather than being a university professor, as a translator and publisher." With the world interest in China more widely, China published "going out" road wider and wider, has already gone beyond the traditional culture, literature and Chinese textbook "laosanyang").相关的主题文章: