Shenzhen police cracked a drugged gamble robbery — Law —

Shenzhen police cracked a drugged gamble robbery — Law — original title: Shenzhen police cracked a drugged gamble robbery on 26 May, Shenzhen legal network reporter You Chunliang correspondent Ma Li Hou Heming in Shenzhen City, several men set a trap, a blue car license, to ask the driver to eat in the name of "drugged into darkness" the drivers use the drinks, and in the drivers consciousness under the condition of fuzzy, decoy driver poker and robbery. Recently, Shenzhen Baoan District police after careful investigation, arrested two "narcotic" robbery suspects. In April 1st 12 pm, Li blue driving his car driver in the car, he Ao Zhen Henggang Cun Longgang District of Shenzhen City, pulled two men to a nearby manhole Street Hospital, the two men, with two people, four men chatted and let Xiao Li to stay for dinner, Li considered for a moment he agrees, then four to a nearby restaurant for dinner. During the meal, a man handed him a bottle of drink, but Mike and I do not know this drink has been drugged. After the meal, the other four proposed to play poker, Mike also somehow confusedly promised. In this play two hours of time, Xiao Li lost 8000 yuan in cash, at the end of his car at a price of 30 thousand yuan after the mortgaged to the second-hand car dealers also lost everything. After that, Xiao Li borrowed 30 thousand yuan from his friend and bought his car in the second-hand car and drove home. On the second day, the driver Mike silaixiangqu, I felt strange, feel cheated, then to the Baoan District police station Sakai. After receiving the report, Baoan Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade assigned to intervene immediately, and joint police station, police brigade, manhole network video Police Brigade task force set up to investigate the case. After more than a month of careful investigation, the task force successfully locked two suspects, and identified the suspect’s foothold. Subsequently, the police investigators careful dispatched in May 19th 23 pm at a construction site in Shenzhen Dapeng new suspects arrested a panel of students (male, 31 years old, Guangxi people), and in May 20th 13 PM, in the town of Pinghu District of Longgang a rental arrested another suspect Su Mouhua (male, 32 years old, Guangxi people). After interrogation, the suspect Su Mouhua, a disc student to take narcotic other means of robbery implementation of the crime confessed. According to the suspects confessed, two people together with others premeditated, a blue car license to ask the driver to the manhole, meal, secretly drugged into the driver in the beverage, the confusion and robbery. At present, two suspects have been detained by the police in accordance with the law, and the other two accomplices are being pursued by the police. (source: Legal Daily)

深圳警方破获一起下迷药设赌局抢劫案–法治–人民网 原标题:深圳警方破获一起下迷药设赌局抢劫案  法制网深圳5月26日电 记者 游春亮 通讯员 马莉 侯合明 深圳市几名男子设下圈套,搭乘蓝牌车,以请司机吃饭之名,暗中在司机使用的饮料中放入“迷药”,并在司机意识模糊的情况下,诱骗司机进行扑克娱乐并实施抢劫。近日,深圳市宝安区警方经过缜密侦查抓获两名“麻醉”抢劫嫌疑人。   4月1日12时许,蓝牌车司机小李驾驶着自己的小车,在深圳市龙岗区横岗镇荷坳村拉了两名男子到沙井街道某医院附近时,该两名男子又接上二人,四名男子聊了几句并让小李留下来吃饭,小李考虑了一会便同意了,随后将四人载到附近一家饭店吃饭。   用餐期间,一名男子递给他一瓶饮料,而小李并不知这饮料里竟被下了迷药。饭后,对方四人提出玩会扑克,小李也不知怎么就稀里糊涂的答应了。在这玩牌的两个小时时间里,小李输掉了8000元现金,最后将自己的小车以3万元的价格抵押给二手车行后也一并输了个精光。随后,小李向朋友借了3万元钱,到二手车行赎回了自己的小车就开车回家了。到了第二天,司机小李思来想去,越发觉得奇怪,感觉自己被骗了,于是向宝安区沙井派出所报警。   接报后,宝安公安分局指派刑警大队立即介入,并联合沙井派出所、网警大队、视频警察大队成立专案组调查此案。经过一个多月的缜密侦查,专案组成功锁定了两名嫌疑人,且确定了嫌疑人的落脚点。随后,办案民警周密布控,于5月19日23时许在深圳市大鹏新区一建筑工地抓获嫌疑人盘某生(男,31岁,广西人),并于5月20日13时许,在龙岗区平湖镇一出租屋内抓获另一名嫌疑人苏某华(男,32岁,广西人)。   经审讯,嫌疑人苏某华、盘某生对采取麻醉他人的手段实施抢劫的犯罪实施供认不讳。据嫌疑人交代,二人伙同他人事先预谋,搭乘蓝牌车到沙井,以请司机吃饭之名,暗中在司机使用的饮料中放入“迷药”,使之神志不清并实施抢劫。   目前,两名嫌疑人已被警方依法刑事拘留,另两名同伙正在警方追捕之中。 (来源:法制日报)相关的主题文章: