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Suzhou is a 2 year old boy " " care; falls refraction depositories chaos now, most of the young parents have to work, a young child unattended, has become a big problem. Some parents helpless, send them to care in very young children. Recently, Ms. Lu Xiangcheng but because of sending her son to care and feel very sorry, because only half a month, the son had an accident. The afternoon of September 29th, Ms. Lu to pick up his son Xiao Hao to care, see the small Hao forehead wrapped in gauze, know this, Xiao Hao in Tuobanli wrestling broke the head wound about two cm, and a lot of blood flow. Xiao Hao’s father Mr. Wei: "looking at a lot of blood, to the children’s hospital to about 5 sewing needle." Mr. Wei said that in mid September, Xiao Hao to the care, the cost of a month is 800 yuan. Small Hao parents think is PN teachers neglect, which leads to the small Hao hurt like this. Mr. Wei: "he the stairs are steep, I doubt the teacher go to fetch water, forgot to close the door, the children rushed out and fell down the stairs." The day before yesterday, Mr Wei took the little Hao to the children’s Hospital of tearing down the line, leaving a scar on his forehead, let the couple very sad. Xiao Hao’s mother Ms. Lu: "I worry about most is to grow up there, leaving a scar." Small Hao how hurt? At that time, teachers are doing? Into this company called Lego culture care classes, the two floor room two of the children in bed, sitting next to a teacher, Xiao Hao injured that day, the teacher is in the classroom itself. The nursery teacher said: "I specifically did not see him, hear him cry, he will hold up, see he was bleeding, the child hit the corner of the bed." The classroom monitoring equipment, but the September 29th monitoring has been unable to play, the teacher also pulls out the day of the incident, a mobile phone camera monitoring screenshots, monitoring shows that at the time of the accident, she and a small friend drawing in the window on the table, behind her, the small Hao is falling, bumped into a bed bed. Person in charge: we do not shirk responsibility. How to bear, how to bear. The lions opened their mouth 50 thousand." This baby responsible person said that the children were all treatment costs out of their own, after the parents gave 500 dollars. Later, the small Hao parents raised the amount of compensation was too high, they can not accept. Lawyer Xu Liyong: "as a nursing institutions, there is a corresponding duty of care, if something happens, care will bear the corresponding legal responsibility, such as medical expenses, nursing expenses, transportation costs and a series of related expenses should be borne by the nursing agency." However, the reporter found that the person in charge of providing business license, registration authority, the Xiangcheng District market supervision administration, business scope includes only the vocal music, dance, calligraphy art training content, and no child care teach this one. Agency officials admitted that they are just a training institution. In fact, only in the market supervision department to apply for a business license of the trustee, the main target is the primary and secondary school students, is not able to recruit children under the age of 6. According to the requirements of the education sector, engaged in childcare institutions need to have the provisions of Yuanshe field, and a series of health food safety. Machine.相关的主题文章: