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TA not chasing the high? Millions of funds settled in 14 only low-key stagflation stocks Level2:A shares of sina finance financial App: Sina speed disk live on-line blogger to tutor Securities Times Network () 02 month 19 days in general, concerned about the money stock, often accompanied by active, strong trend. Small statistics found that, at present, 14 A shares by tens of millions of funds settled transactions is relatively stagnant. After the Spring Festival, A shares ushered in a good start, the 4 trading days, the Shanghai Composite Index rose by 3.6%. From the stock point of view, 4 days rose more than 10% of the stocks have 415; more than 20% of 60; the average stock rose 6.3%. At the end of January, the A shares market haze seems to have been forgotten, active subjects let market sentiment recovery. For the style of radical investors, this fiery market naturally can not miss, buy chase strong stocks understandable. For the style of partial conservative investors, not willing to chase the high involvement of star shares, is not willing to completely empty capital efficiency, how to operate? Bankuailundong always is the biggest characteristic of A shares rebound stage, when the market is not absolute leader, any stocks may Buzhang one by one. On the contrary, those star stocks that have been bigger have a higher risk because they have accumulated too many profit chips. The data of treasure from two angles of capital and amount of funds settled, and selected a certain volume, the relative increase of low stocks, for investors. According to statistics, there are 14 A shares in the 4 days after the time of the net inflow of funds more than 10 million, daily turnover more than 5%, and rose below the average level of 6%. From the point of view of market value, these stocks are not large capitalization of billions of market capitalization, most of their circulation market value is below 10 billion. From the plate distribution, there are 4 IPOs in 14. The festival of the theme, the market is hot, new shares trading activity, the relative stagnation of the new times, of particular concern. In addition, some of the themes of good stocks also impressively, such as big data leading DNT with Internet Finance and electronic commerce; double star shares subject branch Jin Choi; titanium dioxide products giant billions. These stocks in the name of the bull market last year, is heard, full of stories. If stocks continued strong, while the effect Bankuailundong continue to be effective, these stagflation stocks can pay more attention to. (Securities Times Network News Center) into Sina Finance shares bar discussion

踏空不敢追高?千万资金低调入驻14只滞涨股 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   证券时报网()02月19日讯   一般来说,资金关注的股票,往往伴随成交活跃,走势强势。小编统计发现,目前,14只A股获千万资金入驻,成交活跃却相对滞涨。   春节后,A股迎来开门红,4个交易日里,上证指数累计涨幅3.6%。从个股来看,4天涨幅超过10%的个股有415只;超过20%的有60只;平均个股涨幅达6.3%。1月底的A股阴霾似乎已经被市场遗忘,活跃的题材市让市场人气逐渐复苏。   对于风格激进的投资者,这种火热的市场自然不能错过,追买强势股无可厚非。对于风格偏稳健的投资者,不愿意追高介入明星股,也不愿意完全空仓影响资金效率,那该如何操作呢?   板块轮动一向是A股反弹阶段的最大特点,当市场没有绝对龙头时,任何个股都可能逐一补涨。相反,那些涨幅已经较大的明星股,则可能因为积累了过多的获利筹码而追高风险较大。数据宝从资金和量能两个角度出发,选取有资金入驻、同时有一定成交量、相对涨幅较低个股,以供投资者参考。   据统计,有14只A股在节后4天时间里获资金净流入超过1000万,日均换手超过5%,且涨幅低于6%的平均水平。从市值来看,这些个股并不是动辄市值千亿的巨无霸,它们的流通市值大部分都在百亿以下。   从板块分布看,14只中有4只次新股。节后的题材市行情火爆,次新股交易活跃,目前相对滞涨的次新股,尤其值得关注。另外,一些题材性较好的个股也赫然在列,比如大数据龙头天玑科技;具有互联网金融、电子商务双重题材的明星股中科金财;钛白粉产品巨头佰利联。这些个股的名字在去年牛市时,可谓如雷贯耳,充满了讲不完的故事。如果题材股持续强势,而板块轮动效应继续生效,这些滞涨个股可以多加关注。   (证券时报网快讯中心) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: