Taishan eternal love with feelings of love – very touching Mermaid tourism Sohu candy candy

Taishan eternal love: with feelings of love very touching the mermaid – Sohu tourism myth says: "the East China Sea Shark, can live for thousands of years, tear into beads, very valuable; grease lamp, million years immortal; weaving shark raw silk, light as a feather hung; its scale, can cure all diseases and prolong life. After his death, as a cloud, rising in the day, Yu Hai fell down." The evolution of "Mermaid tears of gratitude" story: a beautiful mermaid was rushed to Shanghai, was rescued by a man. She in the men’s homes sell shark xiao.the parting, and asked the owner to a vessel, vessel to cry, and tears into the Pearl dishfuls, as thanks master retain gift. Large dance "Taishan eternal love", worthy and comparable to the China Andersen fairy tale mermaid legend – Songcheng performing arts to create a large-scale song and dance "Taishan eternal love" in a scene from "shigandang", is the story of the rival of Andersen’s fairy tales Chinese Mermaid love. In ancient Taishan, there is a beautiful legend. It is said that a long time ago, the industrious and brave guy shigandang and beautiful girl in love linger at the foot of Taishan. Taishan on the spider demon spirit the scourge of the world, shigandang village suffered. In order to protect the people, dare and Chilin fish and evil forces launched a thrilling battle. Finally, in order to protect the people of justice over evil, permanent happiness, "dare" turned into stone, stands at the top of Taishan, his blood into each stone in Taishan. In order to linger with generation after generation shigandang, into Chilin fish, always beside the mountain surrounds boulder. This very touching beauty, not into the water, generation after generation of ups and downs, to be remembered. Flying dance, acrobatics, hanging silk, laser…… Heaven and earth space of creative hundreds of actors with unbelievable stunts, the stage, the audience into a magical world, as if through time and space feeling that fierce the battle between good and evil and touching love story. The finale sounded, dancing in the full color laser to create a thousand years in the tunnel as they watch the general stop in that first world, time flies does not change the appearance. In the year 10 at the end of 2016, I went to Taishan and entered the "eternal love Taishan" large-scale song and dance scene, let you and I to feel very touching this Mermaid juelian. Large dance "Taishan eternal love" is a stage art followed the main melody, followed by age and the creation of the spiritual needs of people. Eternal love, love in beauty. The performance content of highly refined Shandong and Tai’an history and folk culture, closely linked to the history of Shandong, from the original picture of human life ancient cave Dawenkou Culture to modern Tai’an, look, is about the great proof of human practice, reflects the era and the progress of history; through the stage of interpretation, performance will be between heaven and earth "" to show the most incisive, the interpretation of the Shandong spirit, let everyone and ancient characters, Tang Xuanzong, shigandang historical legend, with a common fate, feel their indomitable, kindness, righteousness, firm and indomitable spirit of sacrifice for the people, show the nation’s faith, unyielding and firm and indomitable heart of the world. The whole show the history of legend and true to life in real life.相关的主题文章: