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Fitness-Equipment They’re looking good. They’re playing better. Who? The 2008-2009 Tennesse Vols men’s basketball team. Not sure about the roster? Let’s break it down. Freshman Renaldo Woolridge (1) is from North Hollywood California and down the line in order of the number on their jerseys, we have junior Tyler Smith (1) from Pulaski Tennessee, freshman Daniel West (2) from Saginaw Michigan, junior Bobby Maze (3) from Suitland Maryland, junior Wayne Chism (4) from Jackson Tennessee, freshman Emmanuel Negedu (5) from Kaduna Nigeria, sophomore Michael Hubert (10) from Hendersonville Tennessee, junior Quinn Cannington (11) from Knoxville Tennessee, senior Justin Jackson (21) from Fredericksburg Virginia, sophomore Steven Pearl (22) from Knoxville Tennessee, freshman Cameron Tatum (23) from Lithonia Ge.ia, senior Tanner Wild (24) from Huntington West Virginia, junior Josh Tabb (25) from Carbondale Illinois, junior J.P. Prince (30) from Memphis Tennessee, freshman Scotty Hopson (32) from Hopkinsville Kentucky, sophomore Brian Williams (33) from Bronx New York, senior Ryan Childress (34) from Cincinnati Ohio and freshman Philip Jurick (44) from Chattanooga Tennessee. The players have a great coaching staff to thank for the skills and winning techniques. Head coach Bruce Pearl, associate head coach Tony Jones, assistant coach Steve Forbes, assistant coach Jason Shay and director of operations Ken Johnson. Much of the attention goes to Pearl for the work he does as head coach but Jones is no short stop on his contribution to the team as well. "We are very fortunate to have one of the top assistants in the nation here at the University of Tennessee," Pearl said. "Tony Jones played collegiately in the State of Tennessee and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that make him a highly effective coach. I wouldn’t have made it to Tennessee without Tony at my side." In the last six years, Jones has coached his teams to five NCAA Tournament appearances. With Jones working the bench, the Vols have averaged 25.6 wins and taken home two SEC Eastern Division championships. Jones will undoubtedly be on hand for the rest of the games this season when the Vols hit the floor against Ge.ia on February 11, Vanderbilt on February 14, Mississippi on February 18, Kentucky on February 21, Mississippi State on February 25, Florida on March 1, South Carolina on March 5 and Alabama on March 8. SEC Tournament games follow on March 12 through March 15. After which the NCAA Tournament will be held. Currently the Vols overall is 14 wins 8 losses with 7 wins and 4 losses at home, 4 wins and 3 losses away and 3 wins and 1 loss neutrally. At the top of the list is Tyler Smith (01) with an average of 31.8 points per game. Smith has played all 22 games with 699 minutes. Following close behind but shy 2 games is Wayne Chisolm. J.P. Prince, Bobby Maze and Scotty Hopson pick up the rest of the scores for the top five players for the Vols this season. Fans will be watching closely to see how the rest of the season plays out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: