Terry Gou shares issued red envelopes to Foxconn employees the average person can to 300 thousand So-ca4111

Terry Gou shares issued red envelopes to Foxconn employees: the average person can to 300 thousand Sohu, have handed President Dong Mingzhu to the news full pay, Taiwan has a high handed President Terry Gou and send red. Taiwan media reported on November 28th, the well-known electronics manufacturer Foxconn’s parent company, Terry Gou, Hon Hai Precision (2317.TW) announced that the company will start issuing employee stock bonus in December 1st, the staff issued a total of 126621211 shares of stock dividends. In order to calculate the NT $81.3 closing price of Foxconn in November 28th, the total market value of the Terry Gou issued employee stock bonus up to 10 billion 290 million new Taiwan dollars (about 2 billion 227 million 900 thousand yuan). According to Hon Hai last year’s annual report disclosure of the data, the number of employees of the company for 7237 people. By this calculation, the average Hon Hai employees get 17496.36 bonus shares, market capitalization of about NT $1 million 422 thousand and 800 (about 307 thousand and 700 yuan). However, Hon Hai stakeholders did not reveal, what kind of employees can enjoy the equity to send red plan. Hon Hai’s main production plant in mainland China, Shenzhen, Henan, Chongqing and Guizhou have set up factories. Whether these employees will enjoy the dividends, Foxconn? As of press time ago, Hon Hai has not yet received the reply. It is reported that by 2015 the Hon Hai Group operating performance bright, operating income and net profit to a record high, the Hon Hai Group merged in 2015 operating income of 4 trillion and 480 billion yuan (NT $1 =1 trillion trillion yuan), net profit after tax of 146 billion 866 million yuan (NT $1 NT $0.22 yuan), net income per share of 9.42 yuan nt. The Hon Hai to shareholders quite generous dividends. In October this year, Hon Hai has sent a cash dividend of NT $62 billion 553 million, a record high; stock dividend is more than 15 billion 638 million yuan nt. Terry Gou himself, as of August this year, Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou to Foxconn the number of shares reached 1 billion 929 million shares after the September 2nd dividend, the cash dividend or has more than 7 billion 715 million new Taiwan dollars. In June this year, Terry Gou said at the general meeting of shareholders, the cash dividend will donate for investment, construction of National Taiwan University Hospital Cancer center. It is reported that early Taiwan electronics industry in order to attract overseas talents, create the employee stock bonus system, 30 years to create tens of thousands of "science and technology upstart". Among them, Terry Gou’s Hon Hai is a typical one of them. In 2015’s annual meeting, Terry Gou also issued a total of NT $600 million (about 130 million yuan) bonuses for employees to draw maximum cash prize scored NT $12 million 880 thousand (about 2 million 793 thousand yuan), listed companies hit the record high draw cash prize. This year, the mainland also has to send employees to the enterprise stock red envelopes. November 11th this year, Tencent was founded 18 anniversary, chairman of the board of directors of Tencent.相关的主题文章: