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The 2 bel cool today online recruiting old game player "three" is the 2 bel cool sensitive music game carefully crafted a Q version of adorable three Webpage Game, the game covers management, cultivation, strategy, card and other fine elements, with strong wind Chinese elements presented in the Q version of super adorable form, with you through history, back in the late Han Dynasty era of hegemony, adorable will agree with you together to create a three hegemony, and prosperity. "Three" Bel cool 2! Beta does not delete files 06 service today (2016920, Tuesday) 10 hot open, come across! Sensitive music game "2 Kingdoms" Bel cool web game’s official website: "Bel cool three sensitive music game 2" web games on welfare: 2 "Three Kingdoms" Bel cool game "sensitive music 2" is Beijing three bel cool ray Star Technology’s bel cool "series of games of the second works, issued by the sensitive the music game. Compared with the previous works, the operation is simplified to a great extent, which makes the players more focused on the fun of the game. The battle still uses the classic 2*3 turn based mode, while adding the combination of skills, skills, skills, anger Guardian magic technology and other new elements, the feedback of three famous real (grab in the new service) ikkitousen proud. Magnificent effects, vivid characters, show the hero heroic. Star, magic, classic battle, 000 war, emerge in an endless stream play, let one feel. The feeling of the details of the game has also been a great emphasis on the work of the Ministry, and strive to give the player the most perfect, most incisive experience of the three kingdoms. Sensitive music "Bel cool 2" web game three test does not delete files in the hot…… Speed join Shuang shuang! Sensitive music "Bel cool 2" game player three group: 391242500, open the QQ mobile phone can sweep with game player group, rich gifts waiting for you!相关的主题文章: