The 89 session of the return Mahatma Oscar for Best Animated Film winbook

The 89 session of the "return" Mahatma Oscar for best animated feature, "Sina public concern micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! "The journey to the west of the eighty-ninth Oscar film return" Best Animated Sina entertainment news entry list exposure, "crazy animal city" "your name" "journey to the west of the great ocean" return "Romance" "Finding Nemo" big 2 "pet" confidential "Kubo gue" and "Little Prince" etc. the 27 film registration, the final five finalists will be announced in January 24th next year. The complete list is as follows: "the journey of return" China "crazy animal city" the United States "Finding Nemo 2" American "and" American Kubo gue "marine" Romance "American party" United States "pet sausage big secrets" "happy American sound" American "funny bird biography" America "magic the United States issued" elf "angry birds" America "ice age 5" American "Kung Fu Panda 3" American "your name" Japan "Final Fantasy 15: Excalibur" Japanese "red" hundred days "Wang Zi" France Japan "ghost boy" French "red turtle" French "Aville and the fictional world" the French "moon Guardian" in France "The long road" north seeking "French squash life" and "Swiss legend" "time" to play with snow in the United Arab Emirates Canada "April 25th" New Zealand "and" India magician Gustave mu (Bai Ling: commissioning editor) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: