The Anabolic Window What To Include In Your Post-workout

Build-Muscle After the workout nutrition is a hot topic these days, and for good reason. What you put into your body during the "anabolic window" immediately after training can be changed to a large extent on the results of the exercise. In fact, if you can not get the nutrients needed by your system at this critical time, can actually cause muscle strain will be more able to repair. This leads to the loss of lean muscle tissue and low potential in the rate of your metabolism. On the other hand, if you use this window stimulating to your advantage, you can enjoy all the benefits of nutrients in a timely manner. After intensive training, muscle glycogen levels and blood sugar is low, which puts the body in such a case to absorb nutrients much more efficiently than usual. And may have a right to food in the post-workout gives you the following benefits: Increase lean muscle muscleIncrease absorptionPrevent breakdownDramatically nutrients improve the speed of muscle recoveryReduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) hormone cortisol to suppress the immune system elevationStrengthen functionReplenish muscle cell volumization glycogen storesEnhance As you can see is a huge list of benefits that should not be ignored. So what exactly should you take in this important moment? There are some rules that I re.mend to get all the benefits of feeding your last workout. These are: 1. Take shake within 30 minutes after exercise. 2. It should include whey protein shakes, and the absolute best source for post-workout nutrition. 3. Include simple sugar such as dextrose. The index of blood sugar helps to increase insulin and payment of nutrients into the muscle cell. 4. About 1 hour after shake after exercise, and eat a full meal. This digest more slowly and gives the tissue a constant supply of nutrients. Personally, I re.mend whey protein with a high quality dextrose perfect drink for recovery after the crisis. This is the perfect .bination to meet all these requirements, the more it mixes easily, so you can take it to the gym with you in the shaker. As a final note, after a workout is also a great time to take in additional nutrients to enjoy a better absorption. You can benefit from the BCAA and antioxidants in extra time. Just be sure to avoid the fat and fiber right after training. Although they have a place in your nutrition program, they slow the absorption of nutrients needed for recovery. To save sooner or later in the day. Christopher Michael holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences, and is a NASM certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and a specialist in performance improvement. Howto-buildmusclewithoutweights.. and How to build Muscle Without Weights 相关的主题文章: