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Arts-and-Entertainment I met Dustin a few years ago. He is a role model of a man that naturally controls the philosophy of the art of seduction with women. Some time ago he told me the following story about a girl he started dating. Many men, who read our eBooks and attend our seminars, find a relationship, but then later they actually feel they have a problem. That is, early in relationship or marriage. Unfortunately our world, the world of seduction and the art of seduction, does not provide enough resources and knowledge about relationships. Therefore, we give it a special emphasis in our eBook. But I want to give you here a glimpse of a very unique concept, about building a relationship with a girl. The following is a summary of my conversation with Dustin: "Two weeks ago I met someone and started dating her. Status and character – the girl is a serious company director, looks good and full of confidence. On the second date I told her I was looking for long term, serious relationship, but in order to find the right girl for me, "the brightest star in the sky", I go out with several girls at the same time. I told her that because I believe in sincerity and in being an open person. The girl wasnt a sucker either, a ripe woman, with a high social status, who agreed to what I told her, and informed me that shes going out with several men simultaneously as well. Two weeks since then, we met each other relatively quite often, considering we are two busy people. On the weekend she was supposed to go to New York to supervise a group of about 5,000 people. Of course, she got the grand suite in one of the grandest hotels in New York. Two weeks before that, she registered two of her good friends for the same hotel for the weekend. Earlier in the week before, the trip to New York, I informed her that this week Ive decided to give her a test. When she asked me what the test was, I refused to answer, because the test was to examine the essence of her behavior, and it was clear to me that since she wanted to enhance the bond between us, if I tell her what the test is, she will make sure to pass it. I can tell you, that the test was, to see if she would invite me to New York. You must remember that she did not pay for hotel. On Tuesday night we met again. That day I told her that I wont see her until Sunday after her return from New York. The next day she decided to go out with her friends to a known bar in L.A. and invited me to join them. To me this was not acceptable. For a girl who wants to have a relationship with me, and is about to go on a weekend in New York, should spend the evening before her trip with me, and not invite me to a night with her friends. Our goodbye was pretty cold, and I didnt kiss her goodbye. We developed a procedure in which I call her to make sure that by the end of the evening she got home safely. That night, of course, I didnt call her to make sure if she arrived home safely. Even in the morning I havent sent her the good morning message she started to get used to. Wednesday night before she left to the bar, our conversation has opened up, and I told her that I was expecting her to invite me to New York to stay with her on this weekend. She explained to me that she had already had invited her friends, and could not cancel them out. This is the place to make it clear, that two days earlier, one of her friends asked me if I can join the trip and, that she thought it would be very nice if I’ll join. I assured her that I was not happy with her course of action. According to my standards, following our conversation, she was supposed to cancel her evening at the bar, and to come and meet me. Instead, she told me she would be happy if I get to the bar and join her. I assured her there is no way that Im coming to the bar. And Ive explained her that I did not want to see her. In this way, its over between us. There were more conversations with a mutual friend that the both of us were talking to, but I gave our mutual friend a message, and the relationship between us is over. On Friday evening I received an SMS from her: "Happy Holydays. I Miss U. I responded with: "Happy Holydays" by a virtue of the required basic manners. The following message was: "You want to make up? I told her: "I’m not angry – I just realized it could not fit, thats all". For me, a person cannot change his basic nature. A person can only do it in order to please someone or to obtain an interest for himself, for a short and limited period (such as a girl who is interested in the relationship at the beginning). Once I recognize a behavioral pattern that is not right for me, I just choose to cut. I think that when people meet each other, they try to please the other side, in order to have a successful relationship. This thing is slowly fading. If you recognize from the start, a bad behavioral pattern, it is really recommended to just cut the relationship. Many times men are willing to compromise at the beginning of the connection and go towards the other side, thinking that the other side will get better in the future and will realize its own mistakes. Our experience proves that it is not always true, but the opposite is true. Many times the girl wants to show early in the relationship, that shes going towards the guy, but when the relationship settles down, she is less willing to please her partner, and her real character and nature is revealed. I hope that you have managed to understand a little, how does a successful man, interprets the Art Of Seduction, not only on its basic level, but also on the more advanced levels of the relationship with the girl. 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