The capital’s first children’s book train from the Metro Line 4 opened in Beijing

The capital’s first children’s book train from the Metro Line 4 opened – Beijing Du Yang photo Beijing, September 27 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) by the MTR and the National Library of long-term cooperation "M subway? Library" Metro public cultural projects, for the first time to join the Beijing reading season book China?, 27 in the Beijing Metro Line 4 opened the theme of "grandma and grandpa" children "read a book" children’s book "train", allowing passengers to experience with the children of reading a Book of fun in the air. China children’s book development over the past hundred years, the emergence of a large number of classic works, from the fairy tale Chinese masterpiece of Sun Yuxiu’s "cat country" to Cao Wenxuan’s "delicate blue moor cottage". A large number of outstanding children’s books, children China to bring endless joy. The activities of M Chinese scholarly library teamed up to the subway?? Beijing reading season, jointly recommended Yan Wenjing, Hong Xuntao Zhang Zhilu, an important writer, Shen Shixi and other children’s literature in the history of the 10 time of publication across the centuries of children’s books, books, let the public understand the history of the development of Chinese children’s books, children’s feelings through time. "The role of children’s book train to the activities recommended by the children’s books and illustrations for scene design material, special decoration of 6 creative cars, and promote a large number of classic children’s books. Boarded the train, as if exposed to the children’s book of the sea, the role of a variety of classical works in front of the swimming, walking, and passengers, dialogue, communication, to attract passengers into the book, reading classic. The station is located in the M Metro subway safe? The Library Book Museum, there is a detailed introduction of the event to the public the recommended reading 10 of the classic children’s book, the public can realize two-dimensional code scanning books full free reading. Through access to the theme of the current resource library, the public can understand the development process of Chinese children’s books for centuries. The library is also the event made a special children’s paintings, to attract children easily into the library books. National Library relevant responsible person said: the national library has always attached importance to the promotion of the public reading services, perennial lectures, exhibitions, cultural salons and other colorful reading promotion activities. Started in 2015, the M subway library project, although the operation time is not long, but it has a good social response, but also for the subway travel passengers brought a wealth of reading resources. This period of activity, we launched a small part of the work, the period of the Republic of China literature protection plan next, also will be the selection of characteristic collection resources, through the processing of planning topics, with more novel kind of face, bring more and better public resources." (end)相关的主题文章: