The central university or the overall relocation of the number of foreign students in Beijing

The central universities or the overall relocation of compressed Beijing enrollment, according to media reports, the Beijing Municipal Education issued the "13th Five-Year" planning day before, "13th Five-Year" period, Beijing will ease some of the orderly function of education, promote the coordinated development of regional education. According to the Beijing Municipal Education Commission disclosed that the capital of higher education resources are too concentrated in the center of the city, there are 89 colleges and universities within the rings are located within 50. In 2015, the new campus suburbs three universities Beijing City University, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing University of architecture to ease the transfer of outer rings. Among them, Beijing City University, Shunyi ushered in the first batch of 5000 freshmen. According to the Beijing Municipal Education "13th Five-Year" plan, Beijing will no longer expand the size of school education, no newly established or newly upgraded universities, schools of higher education is no longer the new area. City six district higher education no longer expansion. No longer expand college adult education, network education, self-study education scale. Support in Beijing Central Universities and colleges through the overall relocation, campuses, joint schools in a variety of ways to the outskirts of Hebei, Tianjin or ease the transfer. At the same time, Beijing city will reduce education to attract foreign population, compression of municipal colleges and universities outside Beijing enrollment in Colleges and universities, no new recruit jingwaishengyuan adult education institutions and school functions. To reduce the number of overseas students in secondary vocational schools.相关的主题文章: