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Xi Jinping in the eyes of the dialectical relationship between the network and information security Sohu news network and information security is a matter of sustainable development of the national economy and society is a major strategic issues related to people’s well-being, long period of stability in the country, general secretary Xi Jinping made an important statement: "no network security is no national security, there is no modern information technology". Expounded the dialectical relationship between the development of network information security, pointed out that the network and information security is one of the wings, the two wheel drive, must be unified planning, unified deployment, unified propulsion, uniform implementation." First, our country has become a big country in the network, but there is still a distance from the network in 1994 of April 20th, through a 64K international line, China’s first access to the internet. In 22 years, the number of Internet users in China is increasing rapidly, the network construction achievements. According to the China Internet Network Information Center released the "thirty-eighth Chinese Internet development statistics report", as of June 2016, China’s netizens reached 710 million, of which the mobile phone Internet users accounted for 92.5%; a total of 36 million 980 thousand domestic domain name, website of nearly 454 million. According to market capitalization rankings, the world’s ten largest Internet companies in China has a total of 4. As of the end of 2015, the scale of China’s online shopping users reached 413 million, the overall size of the national information consumption reached $3 trillion and 200 billion, an increase of more than 20%, e-commerce transactions exceeded $18 trillion. Known as the queen of the Internet, Kai Peng Ying Ying (KPCB) partner Marie in the 2016 annual Internet trends report that China has become a global leader in the internet. "Well deserved the title of network power. With the rapid development of the Internet, network security issues gradually appear. Trojan and corpse network, mobile Internet malware, denial of service attacks, security vulnerabilities, phishing, web tampering and other network security incidents have occurred, the basic network equipment, the domain name system, the Internet industry in China based network and key infrastructure still face greater security risk. According to the national computer network Emergency Response Coordination Center issued the "Chinese Internet Network Security Report", 2015 were found more than 10.5 Trojans and botnets control terminal, control of the territory of China more than 1978 hosts; exchange for the number of mobile Internet malware through self capture and nearly 1 million 480 thousand manufacturers, an increase of 55.3% over 2014, mainly according to the Android platform; the first three quarters of 2015, attack traffic in the 1Gbit above s DDoS attacks nearly 380 thousand times, up to 1491 times the number of daily attacks. As can be seen from the above data, China’s network security tasks and challenges facing increasingly complex and diverse, there is still a gap from the network power goals. Two, the strategic construction of the network into the fast lane in the face of the rapid development of Internet technology and applications, network security situation is becoming increasingly complex, the original management system needs to be updated. In February 27, 2014 the central network security and information technology leadership team was established, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping as a group相关的主题文章: